Graduate plan of study: Deaf Education

The University of Southern Mississippi
Speech and Hearing Sciences, Deaf Education
with Concentration in Early Oral Intervention
for Children Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Effective: Summer, 2018

Semester Course Description Credits
Summer- I Orientation Meetings
SHS 601Designs in Research for Speech and Hearing 3
SHS 603Perspectives in Education for D/HH Children 1
SHS 649Speech Perception and Production 1
SHS 691Implementing a Family-Centered Early Oral Intervention Program 2
Sub-total: (7)


SHS 626

Audiological Assessment and management of Infants and Young Children

SHS 629Auditory-Verbal Development and Practice 3
SHS 653Language Development with Infants and Young Children with Hearing Loss 3
SHS 610Hearing Technology & Research with D/HH Children 1
SHS 608Early Childhood Ed. I: Applications D/HH Children 2
SHS 637Advanced Clinical Practicum I 3
Sub-total: (15)


SHS 651

Assessment and Development of Listening, Speech and Spoken Language

SHS 655Pre-academic Readiness/Early Literacy 3
SHS 735Audiological Counseling 3
SHS 611Collaboration & Ed. Transitions for D/HH Children 1
SHS 609Early Childhood Ed. II: Applications D/HH Children 1
SHS 638Advanced Clinical Practicum II 3
Sub-total: (14)

Summer- II

SHS 657

Teaching Oral Deaf/HH Children with Multiple Challenges

SHS 639Advanced Clinical Practicum III 3
Sub-total: (6)



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