Graduate plan of study: speech-language pathology

Course Requirements

SHS 513- Voice
SHS 516- Aphasia
SHS 518- Clinical Methods
SHS 519- Organic Disorders
SHS 601- Research Design
SHS 642- Communication Problems of the Aged
SHS 643- Evaluation and Treatment of Dysphagia in Adults
SHS 644- Augmentative Communication
SHS 646- Multicultural Issues
SHS 648- Motor Speech Disorders and Cerebral Palsy
SHS 650- Traumatic Brain Injury
SHS 687- On-campus practicum
SHS 694- Off-campus practicum
SHS 695- Off-campus practicum
SHS 702- Language Disorders
SHS 712- Articulation Disorders
SHS 716- Stuttering
SHS 719- Evaluation of Children

1 additional elective as needed
[SHS 726- Auditory Perceptual Disorders is recommended]

M.A. students Graduate Catalog:

  • select 12 of the 15 academic courses listed above;
  • demonstrate foreign language proficiency;
  • complete 9 thesis hours.

M.S. students Graduate Catalog:

  • complete all 15 academic courses listed above;
  • foreign language proficiency is not required;
  • thesis hours are not required.

Effective Fall, 2016, students will be required to pass a comprehensive examination. The Praxis II exam in Speech-Language Pathology will no longer be required for the M.A. or M.S degree, but will be required for certification from The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.