Speech and Hearing Sciences

Erin Revette and Caroline LIttle
Erin Revette, Peggy's daughter, presents the award to Caroline Little as Dr. Goshorn looks on

Peggy Revels Elward Outstanding Senior Award

Peggy Revels Elward was a faculty member in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences in the 1970's. Peggy was passionate about her work as a speech-language pathologist, and she thoroughly enjoyed mentoring students during the time she spent with us in SHS. In her memory, Peggy's family provides an annual award to an outstanding senior selected by the faculty.

The 2015-16 recipient of the award is Caroline Little. Caroline will begin her graduate studies in Speech-language Pathology in the summer here on the Hattiesburg campus. Congratulations, Caroline! Keep up the good work.

David Bounds and Janette Hreish
Sertoma Club president David Bounds presents the Speech-Pathology Award to Janette Hreish
David Bounds and Matt Saucier
Matt Saucier accepts the Audiology award for his wife, Kasi.

Sertoma Club Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

The Hattiesburg Sertoma Club has, for many years, sponsored fund raising events that benefit Speech and Hearing Sciences programs here at Southern Miss. Among their many gifts to the University are three awards presented to an outstanding student from each of the divisions within our department: Audiology, Early Oral Intervention and Speech-Language Pathology.

Kirsten Saltzman
Kirsten Saltzman received the Sertoma Award from our Early Oral Intervention program.

Kasi Saucier was the recipient of the 2015-16 Audiology Award. In addition to her many other accomplishments, Kasi achieved the highest score on her qualifying exams among all other students in her class. We should also note that this particular Sertoma-sponsored award has been renamed the "Helen Heidelberg Cullefer Memorial Audiology Award." Helen's husband, Charles, was on hand for the presentation.

Kirsten Saltzman of Purvis, Mississippi, was recognized as the 2015-16 outstanding student from our Early Oral Intervention graduate program, while Janette Hreish of Columbus, Mississippi, received the award from our Speech-Language Pathology graduate program. Congratulations to all three of these students.

And, of course, our sincerest thanks to the Hattiesburg Sertoma Club for their ongoing support of our programs.

2016 Audiology White Coat Ceremony

2016 White Coat Recipients
Alexandria Portratz, Allie Williams, Samantha Tarver, Alexa Davis, Tiffany Langham, Kasi Saucier, Katie Farris, Sarah Shahbodaghi, and Brooks Martin

The SHS White Coat Ceremony for Audiology students was held on Saturday, April 30th in the Thad Cochran Center on the Hattiesburg campus. The nine members of our third year class were joined by staff, faculty, administrators and families and friends to celebrate their progress through the doctoral program.

These students have successfully completed their qualifying and comprehensive exams and will complete their academics at the end of the summer. These women will be heading out to their externships and, if successful, will participate in the Spring, 2017 graduation ceremony here in Hattiesburg. Nicely done, 'third years,' nicely done.

2016-17: Important dates

August 24 - December 9: Fall, 2016 semester
August 31: College of Health Convocation
October 28: SLP comprehensive Exam 1
November 10 - 12: ADA Convention, San Diego
November 17 - 19: ASHA Convention, Philadelphia
November 28- October 2: Acoustical Society of America Meeting
December 2: SLP Comprehensive Exam 2 (as needed)
January 17 - May 5: Spring, 2017 semester
January 27: Au.D. Qualifying Exam (2nd year students)
February 3: Au.D. Comprehensive Exam 1 (3rd year students)
March 29 - 31: MSHA Convention, Natchez
April 7: Au.D. Comprehensive Exam 2 (3rd year students, as needed)
April 13-16: Academy of Audiology Convention
April 22: Audiology White Coat Ceremony
June 25-29: Acoustical Society of America Meeting