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Staff Council

Professional Development Travel Stipend

  • Purpose: To provide funding support for staff to travel in order to participate in professional development activities.
  • Eligibility: Applicants must be full-time staff employees of the University of Southern Mississippi and have the approval of their supervisor. Travel is to be taken within the fiscal year that the funds are awarded. An individual may receive funds only once in a three-year period. Staff Council members are eligible to participate, however, staff council officers and scholarship committee members are NOT eligible to participate.
  • Proposal Submission:
    1.Applicants must submit a proposal and a budget request using the form that may be Downloaded at the Staff Council website ( following the specific guidelines posted.
    2. Paper copies can be obtained in the Human Resources office. All proposals must describe the planned use of the funds in detail.
    3. Staff persons must articulate how the funds, if awarded, would contribute to their professional development.
    4. This does not include travel for required departmental travel responsibilities.
    5. The staff person’s supervisor must submit a recommendation letter emphasizing how the experience will benefit the recipient.
  • Application: For more information click the application link:
    Download PDF Fillable File before typing:
  • All materials should be delivered (by email or interoffice mail) to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee
  • Scholarship Committee Chair:
    Terry.M.WhittingtonFREEMississippi (email) or
    Terry Whittington, Box 5095 (interoffice mail) by 5:00 p.m. on December 18, 2020.
  • Note: If using interoffice mail, please note it may take several days for the package to arrive at the destination.  
  • Budget Items: Proposals requesting up to $500 will be accepted, and the Travel Expense Estimation form must be completed. It is not guaranteed that the full amount requested will be awarded. All proposed expenditures must comply with USM policies and procedures as well as state law and should be fully explained in the budget justification of the proposal.
  • Proposal Review: The Staff Council Scholarship Committee will review proposals. Consideration will be given to those applicants who have not traveled for professional development in the past.
  • Obligations: As per University policy, the traveler agrees to pay the travel expenses upfront then submit paperwork through the appropriate budget string. Within two weeks of travel date recipients of Staff Travel funding must submit copies of original itemized receipts, permission to travel, travel voucher, and a 200 word report regarding the benefits of the activity to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee. After the required materials and report are submitted the Staff Council will reimburse the funds to the department.

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