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Division of Student Affairs

About the Dean of Students Office

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What We do:

The Dean of Students is the liaison between students, parents, faculty, staff, the general public and campus administration.

The Office of the Dean of Students strives to be proactive in providing a safe, secure learning environment. The student discipline process addresses decorum and civility as they relate to the Student Code of Conduct and the academic mission of the institution.

Student growth and development are encouraged, excellence is pursued and the highest standards of achievement are our aim.

Access the Southern Miss Code of Student Conduct with this link.

Who We Are:

Sirena%20Cantrell - Dean of Students and Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Thomas%20Deus - Associate Dean of Students
Delores%20McNair - Assistant Dean of Students

Contact Information:

R.C. Cook University Union
Room 220
118 College Drive #5204
Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001

Phone: 601.266.4025
Fax: 601.266.6401
E-mail: dosFREEMississippi


Contact Us

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
210 R. C. Cook Student Union

Hattiesburg Campus
118 College Drive #5071
Hattiesburg, MS 39406

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