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Division of Student Affairs

Guiding Statements

The Division of Student Affairs develops Healthy, Connected, and Learning-Focused students and communities. 
  • Energize all members of the campus community to learn about and adopt healthy lifestyles. (Institutional Goals 1, 4, & 8)
  • Galvanize students’ connections to Southern Miss and their peers, faculty, staff, and local communities. (Institutional Goals 1, 4, 6, & 8)
  • Inspire and empower students to capitalize on their learning experiences. (Institutional Goals 1, 2, 4, 6, & 8)
  • Garner and allocate financial, human, and physical resources for coordinated impact on the Student Affairs mission. (Institutional Goals 4, 5, 7, & 8)

*The institutional goals to which each DSA strategic objective relates are listed behind each statement. Learn more about these goals at

Civility - Instilling an inclusive community that appreciates the diversity in beliefs and values

Education - Promoting continuous growth of the campus community through mentoring, teaching, and professional development

Engagement - Modeling a culture of service and involvement in our campus and community

Integrity - Embracing the Southern Miss Creed when making decisions affecting the campus community

Wellness - Supporting all aspects of personal and community well-being

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Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
210 R. C. Cook Student Union

Hattiesburg Campus

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