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Division of Student Affairs

Meet Lydia Coffey Pierce

Lydia Pierce

What’s your title? Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs

What does that mean? I assist Dr. Anderson with any and all things. To name a few, I am the keeper of her calendar, special project coordinator, and a source of Southern Miss information, both useful knowledge and useless trivia.

What is your hometown? Columbus, MS

Share a bit about your family. I’m married to Jared Pierce. We have 3 brilliant daughters that keep life adventurous and keep us humble.

What are your hobbies? What’s your passion? I love learning about people. What makes humans tick? Why do we act the way we do? How does our past shape our future? Do people really change? Self-discovery books are my jam. I also enjoy fitness, nutrition, and how those two topics affect every system in our bodies. Mental health is a special topic in my life, especially for mothers navigating postpartum life.

When did you first hear about Southern Miss? Being a native Mississippian, I’ve known about Southern Miss my whole life. My first memory of USM is attending the State Band Competition with my sister. I vividly remember riding down Eagle Walk and being mesmerized that we were under the stadium! None of the schools up north had that cool element.

What is your best or most favorite skill or strength? The ability to remember people’s names. It’s an easy way to make someone feel special!

What college professor or advisor do you most admire? Dr. Bridget Smith Pieschel, Professor Emeritus at The W, my alma mater. Dr. Pieschel is friendly and personable from the moment you’re introduced to her. She challenges you to think critically, do your best, but extends grace to you when you completely bomb a paper. (Not that I would know… ;)

What was your major? English Creative Writing

Social Media? IG & Twitter: coffey_pie

Office Location? Union, 2nd floor, RM 210

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