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The Office of Student Ombudsman and Parent Services welcomes you to Southern Miss. 


The Office of Student Ombudsman Services supports students transition to Southern Miss and advocates for their academic and personal success culminating in degree completion by providing individualized and objective assistance to:

      faculty supporting students

Services We Do Not Provide:

We do not excuse absences. 

The decision to excuse an absence, allow make-up work, change grades or reschedule an exam is entirely at the discretion of each faculty member. 


Students are expected to attend class each time it meets.
There are situations that may result in a student being absent from class, but it remains the student's responsibility to provide an explanation to the professor relative to any absence(s).
The class attendance policy will be set by the professor.  Please refer to the course syllabus.
If your professor requires that documents be authenticated, follow the instructions below to complete a Notice of Absence.