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Division of Student Affairs

Practicum Policies

1. Practicum students must be enrolled into the Master’s Programs of Higher Education/Student Affairs.

2. The student is responsible for securing his/her practicum site, the agreement of the site supervisor, and approval of such by the university faculty member assigned to the practicum course.

3. The practicum site may not be the current employing department of the student. Please read # 4.

4. The practicum site supervisor may not be the student’s immediate employment supervisor.

5. The practicum project must be substantially different than the current employment responsibilities of the student.

6. Practicum can start as early the second semester of the Higher Education master’s program. 

7. The practicum project requires 90 hours of work. Additional hours may be required for assignments and other course requirements.

The site supervisor agrees to supervise the student under these requirements:

The student will be able to study the broad scope of, and perform, some of the usual activities or a special project that a regularly employed higher education administrator the setting would be expected to perform. This will be accomplished through observation and participation in a variety of individual and group activities.

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