Strategic Plan

Developing the Plan

As the fall 2016 semester came to a close, a representative committee of staff within the division began creating a new strategic plan for the division. The committee used an adapted version of Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard method to create this plan. After scrutinizing data collected from division-wide surveys and other assessments, the committee identified the need to focus on four main areas called themes. Each theme—linking directly to the University’s strategic goals and mission statement—is further operationalized by a strategic outcome as listed below:

    • Student Learning: The Southern Miss Division of Student Affairs will produce strategic and effective student learning experiences complementary to the University’s educational mission and valued by the campus community.
    • Student Success: The Southern Miss Division of Student Affairs will significantly impact student retention and academic success (i.e., quality coursework and timely graduation). 
    • Strategic Finance: The Southern Miss Division of Student Affairs will acquire, allocate, and spend funds using a strategy-driven fiscal philosophy.
    • Professional Excellence: The Southern Miss Division of Student Affairs will ensure a work environment that is attractive to quality employees.


The Strategy Map 

The strategy map shown below provides a visual depiction of how the strategic objectives (displayed here in circles) interact and fit within the overall plan. The columns organize each theme, and each row (e.g., capacity building and internal processes) represents a different lens through which planners viewed the organization to ensure a comprehensive strategic plan. The selected lenses have been adapted to best suit Higher Education and Southern Miss Student Affairs. The image may be downloaded using this link.


Student Affairs Strategy Map


The Division and individual departments will work together to advance this plan. Visit this link to learn more about these initiatives.