Student/Faculty Enrichment Fund


The purpose of the Student/Faculty Enrichment Fund is to provide assistance for faculty members in hosting voluntary, out-of-class social gatherings for undergraduate students they teach and/or advise. Each applicant may request up to $150.00 each semester!

Regular and substantive interaction between students and faculty outside of the classroom has been demonstrated to contribute to student retention and success. The purpose of this fund is to both encourage such interaction and to provide faculty members with financial resources to support this effort.

Professors have created a variety of experiences for their students. Some ideas include:

  • Taking the class to Bop’s for frozen custard
  • Going to Starbucks or Java Werks and buying everyone their choice of drink
  • Climbing the rock wall at the Payne Center for team-building experiences
  • Inviting a class to a backyard bar-b-que

Submit your Student/Faculty Enrichment Fund application here (link)

Review the approval guidelines here (link).