Upcoming Workshops and Events

Developing Student Affairs Leaders

  • This series hosts local experts to speak on topics intended to assist current and future leaders by enhancing both technical and soft skills necessary for progressive leadership in student affairs.
  • Look for these sessions every second Thursday of each month.
 Student Affairs Is My JAM
  • This series facilitates developing and continuing knowledge of student affairs issues, best practices, relevant research, etc., by engaging attendees in a seminar-style discussion group.
  • Look for these sessions every final Friday of each month.

The article: About Campus article in which Simon Sinek is interviewed about Educational Practices Affecting Student Life and Student Learning on American College Campuses. 

Assessment Tastes Better with Starbucks

  • This series provides staff members with drop-in consultations concerning current or future assessment needs.
  • Look for Michael King at Starbucks every Tuesday morning from 8:00 am to 9:30.
  • Let’s talk assessment!

 Advancing Assessment: As-needed sessions

  • Schedule department-specific professional development presentations.
  • Session options include:
    • Assessment Ethics, Purpose and Series Overview
    • Intro to Evidence
    • Outcome Statements 2.0: Writing, Planning, and Enacting
    • Contemporary Assessment Methods in Student Affairs
    • Classic Assessment I: Focus Group and interviews
    • Classic Assessment II: Survey design and administration
    • Analyzing and reporting assessment data
    • Plan, produce, assess, reflect, repeat: Closing the Loop

Numerous professional development opportunities also available at

  • NASPA.org/events
  • myacpa.org/professional-development-opportunities