Couples Counseling

Relationships are important to all of us and add fulfillment and exhilaration to life. Sometimes, however, relationships go through difficult times, bringing stress, sadness, and challenge. All relationships go through cycles and changes as they grow and develop over time. Couples may need support as they navigate the developmental challenges that are a natural part of a growing relationship. For example, when a spouse goes back to school after working or being at home for a time, this may upset the balance or "rock the boat" in the relationship. The couple might come to the Counseling Center for help in deciding how to renegotiate responsibilities and roles.

In addition, couples may also seek guidance with issues such as communication problems, conflict resolution, parenting problems, and dealing with infidelity.  Staff members at the Southern Miss Counseling Center are available to help couples assess their relationship strengths and establish goals for the future while addressing present difficulties. Counselors meet regularly with couples to discuss important aspects of the relationship and to help plan for healthful changes.

To determine if your and your partner are eligible for Couples Counseling at Student Counseling Services, click here