Emergency Services

Student Counseling Services strives to be responsive to mental health crises. When students experience unexpected trauma, grief, acute anxiety or depression, changes in thought content, and/or suicidal thoughts, they are encouraged to seek help immediately at Student Counseling Services during our normal business hours from 8 am to 5 pm. Our counselors will make every effort to address your mental health concern, develop a plan of action for managing your concern, and refer you to outside mental health services as needed.

Please note that after our normal business hours, students can access our Counselor On-Call at 601-606-HELP(4357).

Or, students can contact University of Southern Mississippi Campus Police at 601-266-4986. Campus police can access our Counselor On-Call as appropriate.

For any situation involving personal safety, the safety of others, or health emergencies, contact 911 for emergency assistance.

Sometimes, faculty, staff, and students encounter concerning behavior of others within the USM community. At times, it is unclear whether this behavior is an emergency, or how best to intervene. The USM CARES program is designed to help members of the community report concerning behavior in an anonymous fashion. You can read more about the CARES program, and file an anonymous report about concerning behavior.