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Student Counseling Services

Mental Health Consultation

Student Counseling Services is committed to promoting student mental health and wellness. We recognize that students may be unsure when to seek mental health services, or if counseling will be helpful for a given personal or academic concern. In other cases, students may be unaware of community mental health resources in Hattiesburg, or how to link with mental health services in their hometown.

We encourage students to make an appointment with a counselor to ask these important questions regarding mental health services. If a concern falls outside of our scope of care or expertise, we are happy to help link students to other on-campus or community resources. We often provide referrals to community mental health resources and help set expectations for students who are utilizing those resources for the first time. Areas of concern that we typically consult about are:

  • Psycho-educational assessment for learning disorders, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or simply to learn more about cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Community vocational/occupational services
  • Psychiatric services including hospitalization or intensive outpatient mental health treatment
  • Alcohol and/or drug rehabilitation
  • General information about navigating the mental health service delivery system

Please note that a visit for mental health consultation will count as one of your eight, no-cost counseling sessions per semester.

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