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Student Counseling Services

Outreach Programs

Student Counseling Services strives to build and maintain avenues for promoting mental health and wellness on campus. We are delighted to provide outreach services to educate USM students, faculty, and staff whenever possible. We have recently developed our Counselor Liaison Programs (CLP) in an effort to meet availability and provide resources for various entities of our campus.

Outreach Program Request 

While we have developed our own outreach presentations on a variety of mental health topics, we are also willing to partner with any on-campus organization to develop an educational program that will be informative, engaging, and helpful to that organization's goals. So, feel free to call anytime to discuss any ideas you may have to promote sound mental health and wellness at the University of Southern Mississippi!


 Here is a list of mental health topics we can present on (And by no means is this list exhaustive - always give us a call with your needs or ideas for outreach services and we will do our best to help!)

*Addictive Behavior

How addictive behavior affects college students

*Anger Management

Managing anger in high stress situations

Conflict Resolution

How to handle conflict with others

*Creating Balance in Your College Experience

Using balance to improve your social and academic experiences

Dealing with Depression

Characteristics and interventions

Eating Disorders

Characteristics and prevention information

*Healthy Communication

How to talk to others and assert your needs

*Healthy Relationships

How to maintain healthy relationships with others

*Making Connections

Ideas for Developing Lasting Friendships

*Mental Health Issues of College Athletes

Characteristics, prevention and intervention

Nurses-in-Training: De-Stress

Proactive model for coping with specific tips relevant to persons training to be nurses

*Personality Disorders

How personality traits can interrupt relationships

Progressive and Cue-controlled Relaxation

Brief discussion of symptoms of stress, coping tips, and guided practice of two to three relaxation skills

*Residence Life Training in Mental Health Issues

Description, trends, prevention, and intervention


Characteristics, prevention, and interventions

Student Counseling Services

Description of services

*Suicide Prevention:  What Students Can Do

Characteristics, prevention and intervention

Suicide Prevention:  A Guide for Faculty and Staff

Characteristics, prevention, and intervention

Suicide Prevention:  Gatekeepers Training

Relate, respond and refer:  a protocol for handling suicidal students

Study Skills and Anxiety Coping

Learning and study habits, in and out of the classroom, and introduction to the Cornell method of note taking

*Suicide Postvention

Designed to help staff consider potential issues that may arise after a suicide and helpful ways of responding

Test Anxiety

Prevention and Intervention

*University Student Mental Health

Provide education to facilitate recognition and referral of students with mental health issues

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