Portia Collins Granger, LCSW


Portia Collins Granger is a Licensed Certified Social Work counselor and has been with Student Counseling Services and most recently serves as an adjunct instructor in the department of Social Work here at USM. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Master of Social Work degree as a two-time alumna of USM.  Portia has past experience as a school-based clinician with Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources for 2 years. Whereas Portia's areas of interests are with young adults, she possesses the skills and knowledge to provide services to a diverse population with cultural competence, dignity, respect and worth for the individual.  Portia's repertoire of psychotherapies includes but is not limited to CBT, Client-Centered, Trauma Resolution and her favorite strategy, expressive therapy.  Portia enjoys teaching and implementing stress management strategies such as exercise, healthy eating, relaxation, laughter and the arts. 

"A picture is worth a thousand words, but a painting is a speechless reflection of the soul." ---Portia Collins Granger, LCSW