Department Forms

Hiring a Student Worker (on campus only)

“Security Note: the most secure submittal is to hand deliver or fax  the form directly to the Office of Human Resources. Using email to submit the form is not secure as someone could scan the network and intercept your personal information which could compromise your Identity.”

*All ON CAMPUS student employees are covered under the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Law. Students must notify their supervisor immediately after any work-related injury. The student must complete the “First Report of Injury” Form, which is also located on the Human Resources website under “Forms” and forward the form to the Department of Human Resources.

1) Review our New Hire Checklist (PDF)

2) Complete required forms:

* Please Note - The Work Study Assignment Sheet is not available in electronic format, they must be obtained from Student Employment *

3) If hiring a Graduate Assistant, complete a Graduate Assignment Sheet.

Additional Information