The District Policy

The historical District of Southern Miss has acted as a gathering place since the founding of the university. The District is the icon of Southern Miss heritage, traditions and memories. It is the home of our pride and the heartbeat of our cherished history.

The District has been touched by time and in ways that are unexplainable. It is where one can go to truly feel the spirit of the university. To participate in The District is to gain one’s ownership of Southern Miss. It is the builder of loyalty and admiration.

The District represents an opportunity to take a walk in the Rose Garden, see the Dome at night, view the black-eyed Susans in the spring, admire the Eagle Walk in the fall, and hear voices cheering “Southern Miss to the Top!”

The importance of The District cannot be overstated. Current students, alumni and guests to the university have the responsibility to respect it, as have the hundreds of thousands who preceded them. No matter the year or what the next century might bring, there will always be one constant — The District at Southern Miss!

Three primary areas comprise The District:

1.  The District “core” south of the Ogletree House

2.  The District lawns adjacent to the Ogletree House and the Honor House



A.  The District maintains a student- and alumni-centered focus with the basic understanding that all participants will respect the area and their fellow Golden Eagles while visiting.

B.  Tailgating in The District is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

C.Automobiles are prohibited from the grassy and tree-lined areas. Limited drop-off access is available at the west end of The District for quick delivery of tailgating essentials. However, at appropriate times, all vehicular traffic to The District will be prohibited to protect the safety of those gathered.

D.All tents in The District should register with the safety and security booth identifying the name of the organization or individual sponsoring the tent. Due to the proximity of those assembled, 12’ x 12’ or smaller is an appropriate size for each tent.

E.  Lawn furniture only may be used. Residential furniture is not appropriate.

F.  Small, portable, single-unit grills are permitted. Open fires are prohibited. Professional, industrial and catering-style cookers are prohibited.

G.Glass containers are prohibited.

H.No animals are allowed in The District.

I.   The University Alcohol Policy remains in effect.

J.  For the respect and regard of all tailgating, amplified sound at an audible/volume detracting from others’ experiences is prohibited at each respective tailgating area.

K.  The District will provide either a band or DJ for entertainment.

L.  Place all trash in its proper place.

M.The university is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced items.

N.The District opens at noon the day before a home game.

O.Tailgating in The District will end by midnight on any given evening or as deemed necessary by university officials.

P.  All tailgating materials should be removed from The District within 24 hours after kickoff. A minimum of $100 will be charged for material pickup.

The university Code of Conduct remains in effect at all times.  Violations of The District policies will be managed by the Office of the Dean of Students and the University Police Department.

Questions regarding The District should be directed to the Office of the Dean of Students at 601.266.6028