Eagle Dining and Barnes and Noble Policies



Advertisement Policy

Eagle Dining, July 2016

For permission and guidelines for announcements of events or distribution of advertising in the university restaurants, call 601.266.4296 or go by the Eagle Dining office on the ground floor in the Thad Cochran Center. Space must be reserved through Eagle Dining two weeks prior to the event.

The Fresh Food Company is the available for advertisements. Approximately 250 tables are located for table tent advertising.

All napkin inserts have to be 6.5 inches x 4.5 inches, single-sided. We request that all materials be printed on white paper and cut to correct size. White paper may be recycled; colored paper cannot.

University Snack Policy 

Eagle Dining, July 2016 

Recognizing the need for campus organizations to raise money for their respective groups and charities, benefit from the goodwill donations of off-campus food vendors, and host small gatherings in the most inexpensive manner possible, the university has worked closely with Eagle Dining to provide parameters governing the preparation, distribution and sale of non-Eagle Dining food products on campus. The following policies were developed to meet these needs while at the same time:

A.   Protect the health and safety of the campus community and public

B.  Minimize university and student organization liability

C.   Ensure the university and student organizations are operating in accordance with the law, and in agreement with third-party contracts

The University Snack policy includes the entire campus. Southern Miss Catering will handle all the food service needs for the Southern Miss campus with the following exceptions:



All registered student organizations and departments are allowed to bring in snack food and beverages not totaling more than $125 to organizational and departmental meetings.

Transactions will be reviewed by Procurement and Contract Services.

A.  Approved snacks are limited to the following:



-salsa and dips





-cookies, brownies and cakes

-whole fruit


-snow cones

-vegetable and fruit platters


-bottled water

-iced tea, punch and lemonade



-pre-made hot beverages

-baked goods (cakes, donuts, breads, Rice Krispies treats)

*Delivery by vendor to organization/department meeting required



1. All incidental items (paper plates, tableware, napkins and cups) may be provided by the student organization or department, or Southern Miss Catering can provide these items for a charge, if requested in advance.

2. The use of appliances that require an electrical supply (coffeepots, crock pots) is not


3.  No food preparation is allowed in meeting rooms on campus.

4. Student organizations and departments that plan to bring food into any facility are responsible for all cleanup of their event. If extra trash bags are needed, they may

be obtained from the facility services staff.

5. Rooms must be left in the condition they were found. All trash must be placed in the trash bags obtained from the facility services.

B.  Location Limitations

No food products can be distributed in any form near a food service operation, food kiosk, or directly adjacent to a facility containing a food service operation or food kiosk. The following are included:

1.   Thad Cochran Center and surrounding space

2.   R.C. Cook Union and surrounding space

3.   In front of Power House Restaurant or adjacent courtyard

4.   The International Building – patio and sidewalk entrance

5.   Space immediately around A Stone’s Throw

6.   Space immediately around Joseph Greene Hall

7.   Space immediately around Scianna Hall

8.   Space immediately around Power House Courtyard

9.   Space immediately around Hardy Hall on Gulf Park Campus

C.   Small Bake Sale

Snack Policy food products (listed above) may be sold on campus by student organizations (not departments) under the following circumstances:

1. The products sold fall under the University Snack Policy list of products with the

following exceptions. Pizza, sandwiches and drinks may not be sold.

2. The products must be individually wrapped for sale. No portioning at the point of sale is allowed (Example: You may sell pre-wrapped brownies and pre-wrapped

whole pies, but you cannot serve a slice of pie from a whole pie or serve an

unwrapped cookie from a basket or tray).

D.  Resale of a Donated Product for Charitable Purposes

Non-snack plan food products may be sold on campus by student organizations and departments provided all the following conditions are met:

1.   One hundred percent of the total proceeds will be remitted to a charity, a University

Foundation account, or the organization’s national office (for charitable purposes

only). The food is provided by a licensed food service professional, licensed to provide and serve the food in the manner it is served (Example: If the food is prepared on site, the vendor must have a license to cater).

2.   If the product is delivered fully prepared, then it must be sold or discarded within two hours of delivery.

3.   The donating vendor signs the charitable sales contractual service agreement stating they will not receive the following benefits: payment, distribution of

marketing material and advertisements. However, the organization may have the donating vendor listed on their programs, bulletins or T-shirts. Events under this

category will also require the organization to state charitable intentions as well as provide charity contact information on the charitable contractual service agreement.

Section 4 pertains to all student organizations with the exception of those who receive university funding (i.e. the Student Government Association, Southern Miss Activities Council, and Residence Hall Association). Section 4 does not apply to departments.

E.   Giving Away of a Donated Product

Donated food products are allowed from off-campus vendors under the following circumstances:

1.   The product is not resold by the receiving organization, and guests are not

required to make a purchase in order to receive the benefits of the product.

2.   The food product is donated by a licensed food service professional.

3.   The donating vendor signs the charitable sales contractual service agreement stating they will not receive the following benefits: payment, distribution of marketing material and advertisements. However, the organization may have

the donating vendor listed on their programs, bulletins or T-shirts.

4.   The product is delivered fully prepared and completely distributed to guests within two hours of delivery.

F.   Resale of Purchased Product of Charitable Purposes

All other university events (events not falling under one of the above categories or

events not meeting the stated criteria) where food is served or sold will either be executed by Eagle Dining/Southern Miss Catering or will be executed under the direct supervision and with approval of Eagle Dining. For a minimal management fee, Eagle Dining will supervise the planning, production and execution of all events in this category. This will ensure food is purchased, handled and served in a manner consistent with state

regulations, and help guarantee the food consumers will receive are safe and wholesome products. Management fees will vary based on the complexity of the event and the amount of time Eagle Dining management is required to spend on the event.

Organizations that fail to follow the above guidelines or abuse the Snack Policy can

have their privileges revoked by the university. Departments that fail to follow the above guidelines or abuse the Snack Policy shall submit a memo outlining why it was necessary to circumvent policy through their respective vice president for signature approval. After signature approval, memo shall be sent to Procurement and Contract Services.


Charitable Contractual Service Agreement


Southern Miss Catering Booking Policies and Guidelines Southern Miss Catering Office, July 2016

As  the  university's  caterer,  we  are  responsible  for  ensuring  that  all  functions  at  The University  of   Southern  Mississippi  are  done  in  a  manner  that  reflects  positively  on Southern Miss.  These guidelines will help you in planning your event and give us the information we need to ensure the best service possible.

A.   All bookings are handled by the sales office of Southern Miss Catering.

B.  The confirmation letter must be returned by the date stated, or service will not be rendered.

C.   When planning events in any location other than the Fresh Food Company, you must

book use of the location before calling Southern Miss Catering. Should a meal be served, a proper service area must be arranged for by the customer.

D.  A copy of the written invitation, program or schedule of events is to be sent to the sales office of Southern Miss Catering prior to the event.

E.   Changes to or cancellation of events will only be received from the person who has booked the party.

F.   Cancellation notification is required three working days before the event. Should a cancellation occur after the cancellation deadline, the customer will be responsible for

the incurred cost or 45 percent of the total bill, whichever is greater. Any event canceled less than 24 hours notice will incur full charge of event.

G.  To ensure proper quantities and service, Southern Miss Catering requires a guaranteed guest number by noon three working days prior to the event (for Monday functions,


counts must be in by noon on Wednesday prior).

H.  Events may be booked online at  www.southernmisscatering.com.

I.Southern Miss Catering will prepare for the guaranteed guest number given. Food and beverages prepared for the function are the property of Southern Miss Catering and are

not permitted to be taken from the event.

J.For adequate staffing and food preparation, Southern Miss Catering requests all orders to be placed at least two weeks in advance. If it is possible to accommodate a late order

within three days of the event, a 20% rush fee will be charged in addition to all other charges.

K.  Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in facilities.


Southern Miss Catering requires payment to be made in full prior to the event. Accepted methods of payment

A.   University Organizations

1. University organizations must provide a valid Southern Miss account number at the time of ordering.

B.  Non-university organizations, businesses and individuals:

1.   Cash, Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted.

2.   Valid account number and expiration date must be provided with confirmation;

100 percent of estimated total will be authorized 72 hours prior to the event when the final number is given.

3.   Approved check

A.  Student Organizations

1. Registered student organizations will receive a 10% discount on any catering 

               order placed through Southern Miss Catering. 

A $25 per-hour after-hours charge will be assessed for functions lasting past 9 p.m. Deliveries made outside the Thad Cochran Center will incur a delivery charge, based on the location of the delivery.






Power House Courtyard Event Policy

Eagle Dining Office, July 2016

A.   Available Monday–Thursday for campus use; not available for events during these days

B.  Private/special events are booked as follows:

1.   Saturday, 11 a.m.–10 p.m.

2.   Sunday, 11 a.m.–3 p.m.

(Amplified sound only allowed during these times)

C.   A minimum of one police officer is required at any event sponsored by a campus student organization with live entertainment or amplified sound.  Refer to the Policies, Procedures and Guidelines Manual involving payment/requests for police officers.

D.  The courtyard may be booked for private/special events for a $35 booking fee for on- campus groups and $75 for external organizations. Due to the location and size of the courtyard, all events must be approved on a case-by-case basis through Event Services.

E.   Requests for the courtyard must be made with the Union Event Services office one week in advance.

F.   Cancellations require 48 hours notice, or a $35 cancellation fee is assessed.

G.  The courtyard setup remains as is. Food tables are provided by Dining Services and are the only approved furniture additions.

H.  All food is provided by Dining Services (i.e. Power House Restaurant, Southern Miss Catering, A Stone’s Throw, etc.)

I.Confirmation should be presented to security and Dining Services staff during event as proof of payment and approved use.

J.The Union Event Services office will contact the Power House Restaurant manager for final approval before confirming any event.

K.  Organizations are required to leave the courtyard as found.  All trash should be placed

in receptacles during and following the event.

L.   Home football game days shall remain open for official university events defined as recruitment, Southern Miss alumni and development functions.

M.  Exceptions to the above policy may be approved by Leadership and Student 




T-Shirt Sales Policy

Contractual Services, July 2016

To better facilitate the development of charitable efforts of student organizations, these policies are designed to allow a limited scope to sell only T-shirts in designated areas within a structured approval and accountability program. The criteria are as follows:

A.   T-shirt sales with no profit - Any student organization or committee that wishes to sell T-shirts strictly to its members with no profit may do so.

B.  T-shirt sales with profit - Only non-funded (those groups that receive no funding via university funds), recognized student organizations will be granted the opportunity to sell T-shirts on campus for profit. Sales of T-shirts must be done so in an effort to raise money for a charity or a University Foundation account.

1.   One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of the T-shirts (minus expense of the product only) must be remitted to the receiving charity or University Foundation account.

2.   The participating organization signs the charitable sales contractual service agreement stating they will donate all proceeds to a charity or University

Foundation account. All charity contact information must be provided. The manager of contractual services reserves the right to obtain financial records from the organization.


A.   An Event Request Form through the Office of Leadership and Student Involvement must be completed and approved before T-shirt sales and advertising can begin.

B.  Sales of T-shirts must be offered in designated areas on campus.

C.   Sales must not compete with traditional rush periods, athletic events or other charitable efforts (i.e., United Way, Paint Southern Miss Pink).