Grade Review Policy

The instructor, defined as one who has the responsibility for a class, special problem or thesis, has the authority in his or her class over all matters affecting the conduct of the class, including the assignment of grades. Student performance should be evaluated according to academic criteria made available to all students within the first two weeks of each semester. Grades should not be determined in an arbitrary or capricious manner.

When a student disagrees with the final grade given by an instructor, fair play requires the opportunity for an orderly appellate procedure. A student must initiate the appeal procedure within 30 school days, excluding Saturday, Sunday and official student holidays, of the beginning of the semester subsequent to the one in which the grade was awarded, or 120 calendar days after the issuance of spring semester grades, should the student not be enrolled during the summer term. The procedure assures due process for both the instructor and student. For policies and procedures governing grade review, contact the dean of the appropriate college or the Office of the Provost. Southern Miss Gulf Coast students should contact the Office of the Academic Dean in Long Beach, Miss.

Grade changes are initiated via SOAR by the instructor and submitted to the chair and dean of the college. Grade changes which impact tuition changes will only be processed after all fee payments are confirmed.