Grading System

A:    Indicates excellent work and carries four quality points per semester hour

B:    Indicates good work and carries three quality points per semester hour

C:    Indicates average work and carries two quality points per semester hour

D:    Indicates inferior work and carries one quality point per semester hour

E:    Indicates a course in progress. Not included in the grade point average, a grade of E shall be awarded for graduate thesis, recital and dissertation courses, and for such self-paced or skill courses as the Academic or Graduate Council may designate. An E shall be changed to a P only in the caseof credit for thesis and dissertation and then only for the last recorded credit for these courses. Otherwise, the E remains on the record indicating that to receive credit the student must reregister for the undergraduate course, repeating it on a regular basis until completing it. Upon completion, the appropriate grade, whether P or valuative, shall be assigned.

F:    Indicates failure and carries no quality points

NA: Indicates the instructor reported the student as not attending. The grade is considered as attempted, but no quality points are earned. The grade is calculated as an F in the student’s grade point average.

I:     Indicates that a student was unable to complete course requirements by the end of the term because of extraordinary circumstances beyond his or her control. Poor performance or unexplained absences are not a justification for the assignment of an I. If an I has not been removed by the end of the next semester (excluding summer term), it automatically becomes an F. Students are prohibited from enrolling in any course for which the current grade is I. Students who have filed for a degree and receive an incomplete grade will have to change their graduation term to the term ending the completion of their course work.


indicates withdrawal from a course passing after the deadline for dropping courses (awarded prior to fall 2014)


indicates withdrawal from a course failing after the deadline for dropping courses. (This grade is computed in the GPA as F.) awarded prior to fall 2014

AW —

indicates administrative withdrawal

W —

indicates withdrawn no penalty (No quality points awarded)

P —

indicates a passing grade in courses taken on a pass-fail basis (does not count in computing GPA)