Solicitation Policy

A. Solicitation shall be defined as any advertisement or promotional effort through any sale

of tickets, products, services and giveaways by a commercial or for-profit organization or


B. Any student, faculty/staff member or non-university affiliate promoting a business or

selling items is required to complete a registration form. This includes, but is not limited

to, businesses. An application for this form should be submitted two working days in

advance of the visit date. A copy of your picture identification is required with

application. The solicitor must also provide a detailed description of items being sold,

advertised or passed out. Items should be submitted to the Event Services office located

on the second floor of the Thad Cochran Center, or mailed to 118 College Drive #5067,

Hattiesburg, MS 39406--‐0001. This permit should remain with the solicitor at all times.

C. The cost for the permit in regard to any type of sale shall be 15 percent of the revenue

collected per day or a minimum of $75, whichever is greater. In addition, there will be

seven percent sales tax if the solicitor does not pay his or her own tax. Minimum per day

fee is due in full upon arrival. 15% of revenue, if applicable, is due at the end of


D. Printed advertisement, materials or wearables shall not contain obscene material as

defined by community standards; advertise the sale or use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal

drugs; or contain libelous information. The university assumes no responsibility for the

content, quality or delivery of any product. The university only acknowledges and

records that this solicitor will be on campus during the requested dates.

E. Solicitation is not allowed during Dead Days, which begins nine days prior to graduation,

nor during home football game weekends.

F. Storage space is not available.

G. If reservations for sales are not cancelled within 24 hours of the date reserved, or if

monies owed are not paid on the reservation date, a $75 fee will be assessed before any

future reservations are allowed. Three no-shows in an academic year will result in

revoked privileges for a solicitation permit.

H. Door-to-door or pedestrian solicitation is not allowed anywhere on campus. Solicitation

will be allowed in designated areas in the Thad Cochran Center, R.C. Cook Union,

Shoemaker Square, the Library Plazas and other areas designated by the director of the

Union and Programs.

I. Solicitors’ displays may not extend more than three feet onto plaza areas. Solicitors must

remain in assigned areas and not approach the public. No amplified sound will be

allowed. Vehicles are not permitted on plaza area.

J. Solicitors cannot ask for or receive advance deposits on any product that is to be mailed

to the purchaser.

K. Solicitors shall not be permitted to post printed advertisements on campus except on

inside bulletin boards or reception areas if approval is granted by the building managers.

L. Credit card promotions will be denied with the exception of programs affiliated with the

recognized university card sponsored by the Alumni Association.

M. Solicitors are subject to the rules and regulations of the university and the laws of the

state of Mississippi. A permit may be suspended or canceled by the Union and Programs

director for just cause. Noncompliance with any of the provisions of these guidelines

shall constitute a violation. Appropriate legal action may be taken against individuals and

non -university affiliates refusing to comply with regulations.

N. Solicitors wishing to sale/advertise similar products or services currently offered by The

University of Southern Mississippi will NOT be permitted (i.e., apparel, food service,

lodging, etc.)


O. The following guidelines governing on -campus political activities must be followed:

1. General posting on campus or in campus buildings of handbills, cards, banners, or similar

notices is limited to designated bulletin boards with approval by appropriate office.

2. No freestanding signs may be placed on campus unless sponsored by a student

organization or department.

3. General handouts on campus grounds adjacent to buildings or in buildings are not


4. The use of mobile or stationary amplified sound systems for political purposes on campus

grounds and streets is prohibited.

5. Political activities, including speakers, must follow general university policies governing

speakers, demonstrations, protests, or similar activities, as outlined in the Free Speech,

Demonstration and Protest policy located at