Student Rights and Responsibilities


The University of Southern Mississippi is committed to the highest possible quality of instruction, research, service programs and support operations. Southern Miss seeks to develop its students, faculty and staff to their fullest potential.


Students at The University of Southern Mississippi have every right to:

A.   Be treated with respect and dignity regardless of sex, race,age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious background;

B.   Learn, live, work and study in a bias-free environment void of harassing behavior;

C.   Be accepted and judged as individuals independent of ancestry, social background, physical characteristics or  personal beliefs; and

D.  Conduct their academic and social lives without fear of  disruption.


Students at The University of Southern Mississippi are responsible for:

A.   Adhering to all regulations and policies outlined by The University of Southern Mississippi;

B.   Conducting themselves in a manner that does not interfere with the life and work of the university;

C.  Obeying the laws of the city and state; and

D.  Reporting any misconduct that may affect the academic integrity of the university as a whole.

The University of Southern Mississippi supports and respects the rights of all students, faculty and staff and, therefore, believes it is the job of the university to create an environment conducive to that philosophy. However, the university may discipline a student considered a danger to self, the university or its guests. Any conduct that damages or destroys university property, obstructs university activities, or otherwise prohibits the normal routine of university operations is considered misconduct.