Smoking Policy

University of Southern Mississippi Smoking Policy 

Summary – Smoking on the campus of The University of Southern Mississippi is limited to designated smoking areas. View online map / campus smoking zone map.pdf.

Reason for Policy
According to a report released in 2006 by the Surgeon General, exposure to secondhand smoke causes an increased risk of disease and premature death in children and non-smoking adults. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that exposure to secondhand smoke causes approximately 3,000 lung cancer deaths per year in nonsmokers. In light of this information and the University’s mission for healthy minds and bodies, The University of Southern Mississippi will limit smoking to designated areas with a goal to eventually go entirely smoke free.

University buildings and facilities – any facility or building owned or leased by the University including stadiums, covered parking areas and off campus buildings owned by the University.
University Vehicle – any automobile, truck, van, bus or golf cart owned or leased by the University
Designated smoking use areas – predetermined areas made by University officials, marked by tobacco receptacles where smoking is allowed. 
Littering of tobacco – disposal of any tobacco or tobacco related products including butts, tobacco packaging and spit cups onto campus grounds.
Smoking - the use of any product that is smoked and produces smoke or vapor including but not limited to cigarettes, hookahs, and  electronic cigarettes

Explicit Policy
Smoking of tobacco products and/or electronic cigarettes on The University of Southern Mississippi ‘s campus is limited to designated smoking areas which are marked by tobacco receptacles and signs. Tampering with, moving or damaging receptacles and signs is prohibited.  Any littering of tobacco related products is also considered a violation of this policy.
Tobacco use is also banned inside all University owned facilities, buildings, and vehicles.
Greek Life Houses are responsible for designating their own outdoor smoking area at least 15 ft from entries.
Advertisement, distribution and sale of all tobacco products and companies is banned from all University campuses and publications.
This policy will be temporary as the University attempts to move towards a tobacco- free campus in the coming years.

Cooperation between tobacco users and non tobacco users is necessary to ensure implementation of this policy.  Members of the University of Southern Mississippi community including faculty, staff and students are expected to observe the provisions of this policy. 
Anyone in violation of the smoking policy is subject to a fine of up to $50 through the University Police Department and other designated authorities.  Repeat offenders may be subject to receive further appropriate disciplinary actions, to be detailed by administration. Visitors should be politely reminded of our policy and asked to leave if they fail to comply


Smoking Zones Map