Student Empower Plus

Student Empower Plus is an interactive online course mandatory for all Southern Miss students  We implement this course as part of your college curriculum to help educate you about the consequences related to alcohol misuse and abuse, how to be a responsible consumer and how to help peers who may abuse alcohol and to make you more aware of sexual assault risks and consequences.


  • The Student Empower Plus courses reviews topics such as sex, alcohol, sexual violence, positive relationships, and your rights.
  • There is a pre-test and a post-test to gauge your knowledge of these topics.
  • The course allows you to work at your own pace and you can stop/start whenever you want.


Enrollment Date:  Automatically enrolls in October 2017 (Students enrolled for fall), and in February 2018 (Students enrolled for spring) 

Course NameStudent Empower Plus** 

Audience: Freshman and Transfer Students 

Course Description:

    • Explains students’ rights and responsibilities under Title IX, VAWA and the SaVE Act.
    • Provides methods for preventing sexual violence, dating violence and stalking.
    • Educates students about pressures they may face in college, including those related to alcohol, drugs, harassment and bullying.
    • Establishes cultural competency relating to gender identity and sexual orientation for all students.
    • Presents the dangers of alcohol poisoning, drunk driving and drug abuse

 ** Please note this course includes an anonymous survey component that allows us to adjust our University programming to meet the specific needs of our students.  Your responses are confidential, and the University's ability to design programming that best meets the need of our student population is dependent on your answering honestly.


For other questions or concerns regarding these courses, contact the Office of Health Promotion at 601.266.5350 or




On the dates listed below, the SLATE system will generate an email advising of your enrollment in the course. Within the email, a personalized link is included that allows you to access the course.  Should you misplace the email, login can be achieved by going to the main page and using your campus ID and network password.   


    • You are expected to complete the courses within the SLATE system

    • You will need Internet access and audio capabilities.

    • To avoid technical issues, please use any major Web browser released within the previous two years.

    • You may take the course(s) in multiple sittings.

    • The courses may include surveys to help personalize your experience and measure students’ attitudes and behaviors. All survey responses are confidential; the school will only receive information about the student body as a whole and will never see individual students’ answers


Two methods:

  • Link received in email from Workplace Answers, USM's vendor for the SLATE Learning Management System; or
  • Access the course by logging into the SLATE system using your campus ID and password.

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*For problems logging into the Training Portal, contact iTech at 601.266.4357.