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Learn about campus locations for student services and great places to hang out or study.


What's happening on campus

Like rings on a tree, you can trace the evolution of student life at Southern Miss from The Hub to R.C. Cook Union to the Thad Cochran Center – three interconnected buildings collectively known as the Union Complex.

Thad Cochran Center

The four-story TCC features the Fresh Food Company, Barnes & Noble Bookstore, a stunning mural, campus post office, meeting space for student organizations and ballrooms for large university events.

R.C. Cook Union

The Union includes Seymour’s Food Court, The Locker Room - with eight billiard tables and video games (including Pump It Up Dance Revolution) - and R.C.’s Lounge with a 60-inch LCD-TV.

The Hub

The original campus student union, dating to 1930, includes the Office of Community Service Learning, which oversees volunteer and outreach initiatives, and the Office of Student Activities Hub, which houses the following:

  • Student Government Association
  • African-American Student Organization
  • Southern Miss Activities Council

Other gathering spots on campus:

  • Shoemaker Square and its stylish fountain, where student groups often set up tables and displays. For the annual Fountain Sit each fall, students climb into the water and test their endurance. 
  • Centennial Green, a green space in the center of campus where students hang out, study and toss around footballs, baseballs and Frisbees
  • The Power House Courtyard – Bring your drink or your coffee from Starbucks at the nearby Cook Library.

Danforth Chapel

And if you need a quiet spot on campus to meditate, there’s the picturesque chapel with stained glass windows representing the seven virtues: Faith, Hope, Charity, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance and Prudence.  Adjacent to the chapel is a 60-foot, 23-ton, 11 million-year-old petrified tree that was moved to campus in 1987.

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