Southern Miss Academics: 

Southern Miss is nationally recognized for prestigious programs in polymer science, performing arts, nursing, chemistry, psychology and education. International Exchange Students are able to register for most classes in all five colleges at the University. However, there are certain classes that require privacy waivers that are only open to degree-seeking students.

All courses are taught in English. Some departments have pre-requisite requirements to which students will be advised upon arrival, prior to enrolling in their final class schedule. While Southern Miss operates on multiple campuses, visiting exchange students should only enroll at the Hattiesburg campus.  If there is a course offered on-line or on the Gulf Coast campus that you would like to take, you may sign up, but be aware that it is your responsibility to obtain the necessary tools and transportation to take part in those courses.

Choosing your courses:

1) Click here for a list of these course abbreviations.

2) For further information on courses offered in the various departments at Southern Miss, visit SOAR.

3) For course descriptions, click on Course Catalog Search and insert the 3-letter code for the course subject you are looking for. It is not necessary to insert a Catalog number, but instead, allow the system to list all courses under that designation. Please note that the course catalog is useful for descriptions, however, not all courses are offered each semester. So, in order to find out what is offered for your semester, you will go back to the SOAR login page and click on Class Search (under Schedule of Classes)

4) From here, use the drop-down menu to choose the correct term. Then, put in the 3-letter code for the course subject.

5) Don’t put anything under the course number so that you can get the full list of what is available. You don’t have to list anything under Course career, however, for Campus, put in Hattiesburg. If you don’t find something you are looking for, you may go back in and put On-line, in case that course has gone to an on-line format.

6) You are allowed to take courses on our Gulf Coast campus, but it’s not recommended since you would have to rent a car and drive 70 miles for class.

7) Under location, don’t put anything. Do click “Show open classes only” so that the full classes won’t show up.

Pre-requisite requirements:

Please note that in order to be registered for most 300/400 level courses, we must be able to prove from your transcript that you have fulfilled all prerequisite requirements. For example, in order to take Spanish 202, you need to have learned the information taught in Spanish 101-201. 

Before submitting your course request to, you may want to look over what courses that you need to have already taken in order to be approved to register for that course. To do this, when searching the Schedule of Classes, click on the Section code (example: H0001) for a detailed list of pre-requisites. 


Do not attempt to pre-register using “web registration” on the Southern Miss Web site. You will not have access to web registration prior to your arrival. Study Abroad will register you for classes and will notify you once this process is complete. It may be some time before you are contacted about your registration status; don’t expect to hear back from us immediately. You’ll have one week after your arrival to make changes to your class schedule.

Choose courses for your first semester at Southern Miss using the instructions listed above. When you have completed your course selections, complete the Course Pre-Registration Form located in your on-line application. The form will ask you to complete the following: Course Title, which is the full name of the course. For example, "Geography and World Political Affairs". Next, it will ask for the Department Code and Course Number. This is the 3-letter and 3-number code. For example, GHY 341. The Section is usually an H code, for example, H0001. Finally, the time/day, is the schedule the class is listed for, to be sure that you haven't double-booked yourself.

A full-time course load for undergraduate students is a minimum of 12 “semester” (or “credit”) hours; typically 4 (four) 3-hour classes. We recommend you enroll for 15 hours initially (5 courses), thus allowing you flexibility if you wish to drop a class at some point in the semester. Although students may take up to 19 hours without incurring additional tuition costs, we do not recommend you exceed 15 or 16 semester hours.

If your transcript is not in English, you will need to provide a copy that includes the English translation of all courses related to the fields that you will be pursuing while at USM. Otherwise, when we ask for permission for courses that have pre-requisites, the Chair of the department will not be able to grant you access to the course.

USM Visiting Exchange Course Pre-Registration Form

Instructions for Course Form: instructions_for_ev_course_form.pdf