Application Process


Spring Semester Applications: September 25th

Fall Semester & Full Academic Year Applications: March 25th

Priority Spring Semester Applications: March 25th

STEP #1: Meet with the exchange coordinator 

Not sure if an exchange program is right for you? Make an appointment today with the exchange coordinator to learn about our partner universities and how an exchange program can fit into your degree program!

STEP #2: Register in Horizons

You must "register" in Horizons before you apply:

To begin your application for a Southern Miss exchange program click the “Apply Now” button in the upper right-hand corner of this website. This will send you to our application software, "Horizons", where you will be asked to first register your personal information and create a password. After you complete this registration step you may login and apply for a program.

If you have difficulty during this process or you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask for assistance! Either stop by our office (International Center 409), call 601.266.5626 or e-mail Hannah Jones.

STEP #3: Complete your application on-line

During the on-line process, you will be asked to complete and/or send us the following:

  1. A Southern Miss exchange programs application form online
  2. A typed essay (no more than 2 pages in length) that describes your interest in this program, your reasons for applying, how this program relates to your academic curriculum, and personal benefits you expect to receive from this program.  Include any additional information you think will be useful to the panel in evaluating your candidacy (online).
  3. Two recommendations (recommendation_form.pdf) from professors/instructors. If you are applying for a language exchange program, one recommendation must be from your foreign language instructor (foreign_language_recommendation_form_.pdf). 
  4. A $250 non-refundable program fee, which is in addition to the cost of your program.
  5. The Foreign Language Self-Report (foreign_lang_self-report.pdf) (students applying for foreign language programs only)

Please submit all paper-based portions of your application to our office located in the International Center, room 409.

Or mail to:

Office of Study Abroad
Exchange Programs
118 College Dr. #5069
Hattiesburg, MS 39406


Foreign Language Majors

For more information on opportunities tailor made for foreign language majors, see Dr. Christopher Miles. Email or call 601.266.4964.