The Compass Program (SM) - 2013 Cost

The Compass Program SM has been built to work for you on every level, including where your college budget comes into play. Not only does the program fee cover a great deal of what your European adventure will cost, The Compass Program SMfaculty and staff will work carefully with you to be sure that you build and guard a realistic budget for your adventure. Here's how The Compass Program SM budget breaks down:

The fixed cost of The Compass Program SM: $6099

This includes:

  • program deposit ($250)
  • 6 hours of undergraduate tuition at Southern Miss
  • housing in four cities during class periods, and in Normandy for a night
  • Eur-Rail pass for Authentication Travel periods, 10 days total
  • breakfast each day of the four cities
  • one dinner night in Amsterdam
  • all required excursions
  • all required museum visits

Average extra cost for The Compass Program SM: $3550 (this amount will vary depending on your spending habits and budgetary rigor.)

This includes:

  • extra meals
  • international airfare: leaving US for Amsterdam and leaving London for US
  • Tablet/iPad, course downloads
  • housing during Authentication Travel
  • backpack/suitcase
  • personal expenses
  • miscelleanous extra travel cost

Total ESTIMATED/AVERAGE budget for The Compass Program SM: $9649