Financial Aid Information

Students who are accepted for participation on a study abroad program may apply for financial aid if they meet federal requirements for a guaranteed student loan.

Southern Miss students requiring financial aid should contact the Office of Study Abroad. 

Pell Grants, faculty/staff dependent scholarships, faculty/staff tuition waivers, and graduate assistantships are also accepted. Students are advised to begin the financial aid process well in advance of these deadlines.

Consortium school students should contact their home school's international or study abroad program office to find out how to apply for financial aid.

Non-Southern Miss/consortium school students should apply for financial aid through the school in which they are currently enrolled and seeking a degree. Financial aid agreements between Southern Miss and other schools are available, if requested. If more information is needed, contact the Southern Miss Office of Study Abroad at 601.266.4344 (fax 601.266.5699).


FAFSA: Financial Aid for Study Abroad: An Undergraduate Student's Resource

Financial aid regulations and sources for study abroad differ for undergraduate and graduate students. This resource focuses specifically on undergraduate students.

Financial aid for undergraduate study abroad consists mainly of federal grants and federal and private loans. However, scholarship money is also available from organizations and sponsoring companies. You likely have many questions about the cost of studying abroad and about how you can fund your abroad experience. Be sure to speak with your campus financial aid officer and study abroad adviser to learn more about specific funding options available at—and required procedures for—your college or university. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Is Financial Aid available?

Yes! But let's be sure we're all clear here: what is financial aid, exactly? It's any form of financial assistance you receive. Scholarships, grants, loans, tuition assistance programs, any and every thing that assists you financially in the persuit of your college education.

How much does studying abroad cost?

Well, program fees vary by program, and you can find most of that information when you search our programs online - if the information is not listed, it's probably because we're still finalizing some details.

What do my program fees include? (Accommodation, meal plans, etc.)

You'll want to check the program information for specifics, because this varies by program also. But fees always include tuition and mandatory insurance. Accommodation, in-country transportation, and program excursions are also included in your fees - however you should speak with the program director or verify what is written in the program description to confirm what else is included. Specifics on each program may be found on our application site, Horizons, and you can browse all programs by clicking the "Apply Now" button at the top right of this screen and then "search programs" -or- click "browse programs" under the "student" menu option at the top left of this screen.

What types of loans are available?

Financial aid in the form of student loans or Pell grants may be used to finance your credit-abroad program fees. There are several venues that you may choose from if you qualify. Please be aware that any form of financial aid will depend on circumstances that the student or parent may have. Also, before applying for any form of financial aid, all students must have completed the appropriate FAFSA application, which can be obtained from the Southern Miss Financial Aid website.

Parent Plus loans are borrowed on behalf of the student by their parent.

Unsubsidized loans are available for any student that wishes to borrow regardless of family contribution. The amount that you may borrow depends on your classification at the time you attend the program.

Subsidized loans are awarded to those students with lower family contribution or other financial circumstances.

Pell grants are available for qualifying students.

Alternative loans or "outside loans" are available for all students. These are signature loans through certain lending institutions. They are handled in the same way as an unsubsidized loan. Because these are signature loans, a student that does not have enough income or credit may need a co-signer. This can be anyone that has an appropriate credit rating. The Southern Miss Financial Aid office will have a budget for each credit-abroad program. This budget will include the cost of the program and an estimate for spending money. You may borrow up to the total budget for each program in any combination of aid.