Foreign Language majors & minors

There's no argument ladies and gentlemen, the best way to learn a language is to do so in a country where it is widely spoken. 

We know you've heard it from your foreign language professors in the department, but we can't say enough to reinforce the truth: you will not know what you are missing if you are studying Spanish, Chinese, French or German at Southern Miss, until you study abroad. 

As a major, it is imperative you study abroad for at least a semester, if not a year. A year? YES! A whole year in another country. All of our students who have been abroad - even if not solely for language courses - have returned to exclaim their term was not nearly long enough or they regret not considering a longer program abroad. Foreign Language majors simply must consider studying abroad for at least a semester, do yourself that favor! It is too difficult to achieve language proficiency otherwise. 

As a minor, don't think studying for a semester or year is out of the question. Often times you can knock out a language minor by studying abroad for a semester. Additionally, some of our exchange programs offer opportunities to study not only the language but also other subjects while you are abroad. If a few hours is all you are lacking prior to completing your minor, studying abroad on a short term program may be the best match for your academic and personal goals.

The opportunities are abundant for both majors and minors:





You may apply any eligible financial aid to the cost of our program abroads. If you are interested in looking at the specifics of how much studying abroad will cost for you, swing by the Office of International Programs (International Center 409) to speak to Frances Sudduth about your financial aid package; and remember to check out scholarship opportunities through the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.