Getting There

You will fly to Amsterdam with everything you need to discover a brave new world. Your notes and books will be on whatever tablet or laptop you've brought with you. Your clothes and toothbrush will be in your roll behind or backpack. Your eyes will be wide open, and soon your inner compass will be forever changed.

Learning and travel are ways of life on The Compass Program SM. This is why our whole mantra as a program is to say "leand and mean" on the road. To make your journey as light and easy as possible, The Compass Program SM will provide you with a Eurail TravelPass, making it easy to hop on trains and do your Authentication Travel in style. The Pass will cover all of your free travel days and get you to Normandy. Take a look at the awesome power of this tool at: Eurail Passes.

Get yourself a Tablet, an iPad or bring along any Notebook you already have! This way you can store all of you program materials in a simple, virtual format: guide books, maps, films, music, pictures just for starters. Plus a tablet or laptop/notebook will be your skype link to home, as well as your email and tech base for taking care of your assignments.

Get yourself a good backpack or Roll-Behind suitcase! Move easily from city to city, and between hostels and train stations all over Europe with your gear packed safely and smartly in a small duffel/pack.