The Hague University

International Exchange Program

The City

The Hague, Netherlands is currently Holland's third-largest city. Once the Dutch capital some 200 years ago, The Hague remains an important and vibrant city with a rather refined appearance, boasting many stately mansions, grand embassy buildings and tree-lined boulevards. The Hague is both a historic and modern city, with a wealth of art galleries and a truly world-class jazz festival, the North Sea Jazz Festival. The climate experienced in The Hague can be nothing short of a mixed bag, with one day being rainy and overcast, and the next enjoying some strong sunshine. However, even during the sunniest days in the very heart of the summer months, temperatures in The Hague rarely top 25°C / 77°F and tend to average around 20°C / 68°F or thereabouts.

The University

As a place of research and higher education, The Hague University has a critical part to play in the future success of The Netherlands - and Europe - on the world stage. The Hague's 20,000 students, as well as their staff, come from over 150 different nationalities. The Hague city is the perfect place to witness the workings of international trade, law and diplomacy firsthand. The International Criminal Court, the War Crimes Tribunal, Europol. They're all based right in the historic city. The spirit, energy and ideals of these global institutions permeate life on and off campus. 

The Program

Orientation takes place one week before the term begins, although it is recommended students arrive within the week prior to that to acclimatize and become familiar with their surroundings. Students choose courses in the European Studies & Communication Management program (business management, communication management, culture & society department, information & communication technology department, law politics & administration, and foreign languages) and typically earn between 12-15 credit hours per semester. 


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Application Process

Course list (USM students can take courses in the European Studies & Communication Management program only)