London: The Center of Your New Universe

To walk across London is to travel through time and space. One minute you're standing next to ancient Roman ruins, and the next, you're on a street where the music you'll hear everywhere tomorrow is being created today. Walking side by side with people from virtually every culture on earth, you'll feel your horizons expanding with every step. As the folks you buy morning coffee from tell you about the lives they led in the Ukraine before coming to live on the Thames River's South Bank, your new "global village".

What's missing? Just you walking under the moonlight and stars, to cross "your" river and bridge home from a play you dreamed of seeing since your childhood. You, taking some reflective time to look at Big Ben's tower on one of the Thames and St. Paul's Cathedral just over there, on the other side. While the rush of the salty river is drowned out by a flood of buses and rickshaws all around you, Stramford Street and your dorm wait only steps away. Do you turn in for the night or pop around to The Thirsty Bear in search of your new friends? That's London calling, that's you answering.