Orientation & LondonALIVE!

Never been to London? We will help you get your bearings with a careful orientation that has been developed over the program's 35-plus year history. During the first weekend of the program, you will sign up for as many as three (3) different LondonALIVE! walks that will take you and a small group of fellow students out to explore an urban environment unlike anything you have met before. All the while you will be meeting not just the dozen or so students who have signed up for your course, but also the 15 or so different students together with whom you will be doing each of your LondonALIVE! walks. Our plan is simple: in three days you will meet and explore London with at least 50 new people, all in small group configurations. The new city becomes yours. The upshot? There will still be 150 other British Studies students waiting to meet you over the coming month!