Resources for Accepted Students


Course Approval Forms: course_approval_form.pdf

  • Deadline for Fall semester courses - April 15th
  • Deadline for Spring semester courses - October 15th
Students must meet with the exchange coordinator with the class list & syllabi BEFORE meeting with the departments. 

2016-2017 International Exchange Program Handbook: iep_exchange_2016-2017_1.pdf



During Program: 

Learning Agreement: Coming soon.

  • This must be signed by the coordinator at the host institution. 
  • Fall deadline - September 30th
  • Spring deadline - February 30th 

Travel Form:

  • This must be completed each time you leave your host institution's region. 

Important Contact Numbers: 

USM Numbers:

  • International Programs Office: 601.266.4344 or 601.266.5626
  • Southern Miss Police Emergency Phone: 601.266.4911 (24-hour contact number)
  • Financial Aid: 601.266.4774
  • Business Services: 601.266.4137
  • Admissions and Records: 601.266.5006
HTH Worldwide Emergency Assistance:
  • In the US: 1-800-257-4823
  • Outside the US (dial collect): 1-610-254-8771
Overseas Citizens Services: 
  • From in the US: 1.888.407.4747
  • From Overseas: 1.202.501.4444
  • U.S. Department of State Hotline for American Travelers: 202.647.522
  • After-hours emergency number; ask for the OCS duty officer.


Upon Return: 

Complete the credit substitution process: 

  1. Make sure to gather all coursework from the entire semester/year and organize it by class. 

  2. Complete a summary for each course, which must include: 
    Your name
    Course name & number at host institution
    Course name & number at USM
    Host university 
    Dates attended 
    Instructor's name
    Meeting times
    Total contact hours
    Texts used 
    Summary of the course 
  3. Turn in summaries and coursework to Hannah upon return to the US. 
    Fall abroad deadline: February 15th
    Spring abroad deadline: August 15th
    Spring abroad deadline (if graduating in the summer): July 15th  
  4. Once she receives the coursework, summaries, and transcript (from the host institution), she'll send everything to the appropriate departments for processing. The chairs will receive a grade conversion guide with your work. 
  5. Once the departments have processed your work, Hannah will send the official grades to the registrar's office. Once the grades have been posted, you'll be notified to come and pick up your coursework. 
The process can take up to 5 weeks. 


Get involved! 

There are many different ways you can get involved! Some of those options include becoming a Global Ambassador or a Study Abroad Peer Advisor. If you have any questions, contact or