Spanish in Spain


May 13 - June 17, 2017

The Program

The University of Southern Mississippi's study-abroad program in Cadiz, Spain offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in Spain’s rich culture and heritage. Students study language and culture at the Universidad de Cadiz located in the capital city of Spain’s southernmost province. They live with local families to learn more about the life and culture of Andalucia and to connect with Spanish people.


Cadiz is one of the most ancient cities in Europe. Established as a Phoenician trading post by 1110 BCE, Cadiz remained an important port through the centuries. The fortified historic city center juts out into the Bay of Cadiz and features narrow maze-like streets that open onto charming squares. The walls and streets of this part of the city have witnessed the impact such important historic figures as Hercules, Hannibal, Julius Cesar, Christopher Columbus, Sir Frances Drake, Horatio Nelson and many others over the centuries. The part of the city beyond the ancient walls boasts new districts of modern structures lining the central thoroughfare. One of the most famous architectural treasures of the modern era, the Spa of Nuestra Señora de la Palma y del Real graces the beach at La Caleta.  

Andalusia is famous for its musical traditions, celebrating the zarzuela, a musical theatre genre, and the more famous flamenco as native arts. Gastronomy is also central to life in Cadiz. The rich bounty of the seas, the cosmopolitan communities, and surrounding farmlands have nurtured a celebration of food and culture that claims gazpacho and tapas as well as seasonal delicacies and elegant desserts. The nearby city of Jerez de la Frontera gave its name to the national wine “jerez” (“sherry” in English). Jerez is also the home of the renowned Andalusian horses where horse shows and festivals highlighting the prowess and elegance of this breed are celebrated throughout the year.  

This area is a popular destination for nature lovers and water sports aficionados, especially for windsurfing. Surrounding Cadiz, the more than 162 miles of coastline are home to pristine beaches, small bays and sand dunes. An average annual temperature of almost 64ºF along the coast and over 300 days of sunshine per year make this enclave between Africa and Europe a spectacular place to live and study. 

Academic Program

Program participants will be assigned to classes based on their academic background in Spanish. All courses emphasize communication skills and oral proficiency.

Southern Miss' Spanish in Spain Program awards six (6) semester hours of credit in Spanish to students who complete five weeks of coursework with passing grades. These hours may be taken at any level, from beginning Spanish through advanced. The level of credit depends on the individual's academic background in Spanish, as determined by his or her transcript.

Academic Credit and Course Registration

USM students need to register themselves as soon as summer registration is available. Your personalized course registration code will be sent to you via email. Non-USM students will be registered by your program coordinator as soon as summer registration becomes available. Click here for more information on course registration.


Minimum program eligibility requirements include the completion of at least 28 semester hours with an overall 2.0 GPA for undergraduates (or consent of program director). All students must be in clear academic standing. Students must also satisfy any additional prerequisites described under the individual course listings. The director of the program, in consultation with the Foreign Languages department chair and the Director of Study Abroad are responsible for final enrollment decisions.


Students live with Spanish families. Sharing a family's home life is an essential part of this program because it immerses students not only in the Spanish language but also in everyday cultural practices that cannot be recreated in a classroom. It also provides a safe, comfortable environment and a sense of stability that helps counteract culture shock. Students will share two meals per day with their host family. Many students form lasting friendships with host family members and continue to correspond with them long after they return to the United States. 


The cost of the program is $4,600 for six (6) credit hours. This price includes tuition and fees, mandatory insurance, accommodations and two meals per day, and program excursions.

Excursions/activities include:

  • A guided tour of Old Town Cadiz
  • A visit to a castle and bodega in Puerto de Santa Maria
  • Day trips to Sevilla and Vejer, Baelo Claudia, and Tarifa
  • A weekend in Granada 

Flight is not included in the cost of the program. (Please do not book individual flight without director's consent.)

Financial Aid

The Spanish in Spain Program qualifies for financial aid in the form of guaranteed student loans, Pell Grants, or applicable graduate assistantships. Southern Miss students requiring financial aid should contact the Office of Study Abroad.

Application and Payment Deadlines

Completed online application, with $250 deposit, are due by February 17, 2017. Program deposits should be paid to the Office of Study Abroad. Balance of fees, less deposit, should be paid according to the regular summer schedule as outlined by the USM Business Services Office. Click here for more details on the payment process. The withdrawal deadline is March 3 by 5p.m.

Withdrawal Process and Policy

Program Directors Information

Co-Director, Dr. Cynthia Baertich
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Phone: 601.266.4964

Co-Director, Prof. Luisa Garrido Baez
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Phone: 601.266.4964

Program Coordinator

Celine Ingram
Office of Study Abroad

Make an appointment with Celine