Steps to Studying Abroad

Determine your objectives

Why do you want to study abroad? Is it for your major/minor? Is it to satisfy language requirements? Do you want to go for a semester/year or a shorter period of time?

Visit one of our informational sessions

Learn more about study abroad opportunities by stopping by one of our informational sessions.

For spring 2017 dates and times, click here

Visit or call our office with questions

While most of our detailed information can be found on our website, we do carry some printed materials and plenty of guidebooks, magazines and photo albums to flip through in our office. Once you determine your objectives, a study abroad coordinator will be able to direct you to an appropriate program, or multiple.

Meet with your advisor

This means not only a study abroad coordinator but also your academic advisor. Once you decide on a program, you will need to discuss your academic plan with your advisor to make sure courses will fit your degree. For international exchange program participants, academic advisors must sign off on the courses you plan to take abroad.

Apply online

For details visit our Application Procedures tab in the left menu. Most of your application will take place online, unless you apply for an international exchange program in which case you may be invited to an in-person interview.


Just like everything else in life, you will get even more out of this experience the more you put in to it – and preparing is part of that. Visit the outbound students section for tips on travel, money, health, communication and more.

Also remember to inform yourself of the history and current events going on in the country you are preparing to visit, it will enrich your experience.

Talk to students who have been on the program before. Visit with a Peer Advisor if you don’t know anyone else who went; they can and will point you in the right direction.

What will you want to do during your spare time? Start researching extra-curricular opportunities. Are there any festivals or concerts happening during the time you are there? What landmarks will you visit?