Student Teaching Abroad

The Program

Experience your second placement of student teaching in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and immerse yourself in the British culture! Placements are made in a school located approximately 45 minutes from London. You will be assigned a faculty mentor at the school abroad, as well as having support back home.


Academic Credit

You will earn six credit hours while doing your student teaching abroad.

When can I go?

You are eligible to student teach abroad after you have successfully completed the first term of student teaching in the United States – fall or spring semester.

Where will I live?

You will live with a host family in the town where you are student teaching. Your host family will be arranged for you.

Travel Time

Along with student teaching for five weeks, you will also have the opportunity to travel for two weeks independently. Europe is at your fingertips!

Application Deadlines

March 1 for the fall semester

October 1 for the spring semester


Student Teaching Abroad fee: $1,250

Deposit to Educational Field Experiences: $250

(Fee includes administrative and academic fees as well as airport pick-up. This does not include tuition.)

Price does not include flight.
(Please do not book individual flight without director's consent.)

Program qualifies for financial aid.

Scholarships are available.

How to apply

  • Make an appointment with one of the directors of the program by emailing either
  • Once you have spoken with either Dr. Sylvest, you will need to fill out paperwork through the Office of Educational Field Experiences and go through the interview process
  • If you are accepted to participate in the program, you will then need to register and apply through the Office of International Programs by clicking the "apply now" button on our Web site