Universidad Catolica del Peru

International Exchange Program

The City

Lima, the capital of Peru and the country's chief commercial center, is located on the west central coast of South America. Seasons are opposite to those of the United States and Europe. Summer is from December through April. The average temperature is between 77ºF in summer and 15ºF in winter. About 45 percent of Peru's inhabitants are Native Americans, some of whom are descended from the Inca who established a great civilization in the region by the 15th century.

The University

Peru The Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, founded in Lima in 1917, is the nation's number one university, one of the twenty-five best universities in Latin America and the only Peruvian university to be listed among the top five-hundred universities in the world in the international rankings. For more information visit: http://www.pucp.edu.pe/en/content/pagina14.php?pIDSeccionWeb=6&pID=915

The Program

The Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú is a community of teachers, undergraduate and postgraduate students, whose mission is the formation of qualified professionals with a high level of academic attainment. The University has a School of Special Studies, which enables students from foreign or Peruvian universities who wish to extend their knowledge to register in regular or special courses offered by the University. Students may study abroad at LAPUCP for a semester or a year. All courses are offered in Spanish, students must have proficient Spanish skills.