University of Jaen

International Exchange Program

The City

Beautiful, historic Jaen lies at the foot of the Santa Catalina Hills with part of the picturesque town extending into the hilly slopes. Located in Southern Spain, the city is a blend of old world charm and modern expansion. A view from the Castle of Santa Catalina reveals a landscape of olive green, a seemingly endless sea of Jaen's famous olive orchards. Approximately 116,000 inhabitants make hospitality the central focus of their heritage.

The University

The University of Jaen's history began in 1368 and it remains one of the most important institutions in Andalusia. The University is about a 15-minute walk from the center of town.

The Program

Students may choose course in liberal arts, humanities and sciences and typically earn 12 - 15 credit hours per semester. All courses are taught in Spanish. 

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