Welcome Home!

Welcome back, we've missed you! And we're not the only ones; friends and family are happy to have you home too. Take some time to reunite with those you missed the most during your time abroad, and don't forget to keep in touch with the friends you made abroad. You'll find in many cases these friends from your program abroad will be the only ones who can truly understand what you experienced over there. 

Reverse culture shock

Students have reported to feeling an array of emotions upon return. Some are so excited to be home they don't think about where they were, and it hits them later that it's over, they're not there anymore. Some are excited to be home but have difficulty expressing it to their friends and family because they're fearful of not being understood by everyone at home. Whatever your feelings upon return, you might enjoy reading through material about reverse culture shock.

Dealing with reverse culture shock - an article from CNN.com

Resources for you upon your return

  • Visit our office - we want to hear about your time abroad! We've all been there!
  • Talk to a peer advisor
  • Stay involved with the Office of Study Abroad
  • Consider another study abroad program
  • Have you thought about an international career?