Your student

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Why do we encourage our university students to study abroad?

First, we believe our participants return home as better learners. Second, we know they'll come back more culturally aware and more "globally literate." Third, study abroad enhances a student's resume; increasingly, employers appear to place value on international experience because of the skills and characteristics acquired through study abroad – creativity, resourcefulness, flexibility, self-assurance. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, study abroad instills a profound sense of independence and self-confidence and is a great maturing experience for our participants.

Safety and security, health, and finances are all important factors in considering an international experience. We encourage you to view the portions of our website dedicated to these topics and contact us if you have additional questions.

At Southern Miss, we believe that studying abroad provides unparalleled opportunities for intellectual growth, intercultural development, and self-discovery. Undoubtedly, the son or daughter you send abroad will be different upon their return. We hope they'll come home saying, as most of our participants do, that it was the best learning experience they've ever had. Please encourage them to join us.