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Everyone needs a little help every once in awhile. At Southern Miss, we have a wide range of services designed to help students succeed. Whether you want to learn how to write a better paper, get over a bad case of speaking anxiety, find great research sources or get tutoring from an experienced peer, we have you covered. 

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Where to Go

What to Expect

Writing Center

Writing Papers

Writing Anxiety (PDF)

Help with Grammar

Improving Paper Grades 

Writing Center (HBG)
Library 112

Academic Success Center (GC)
Gulf Coast Library

Make an Appointment

Online Resources 

The Writing Center is a free tutorial service available to any USM student who wants assistance with a writing project. They offer one-on-one writing instruction that’s designed to help students become more effective writers. This tutorial service is offered on a walk-in basis or by appointment (on the hour for 45 minutes). However, the appointments often book up several days in advance, so making an appointment is always a good idea.


Speaking Center

Speech Organization & Delivery

Speech Anxiety

Job Interview Prep

Thesis/Dissertation Defense Prep


Speaking Center (HBG)
Cook Library 117

Academic Success Center(GC)
Gulf Coast Library

Make an Appointment

The Speaking Center has peer consultants who will help you advance your public speaking skills, regardless of the context: CMS 111 speeches, capstone presentations, and even thesis and dissertation defenses, job interviews, conference presentations, and other off-campus speaking engagements

When you schedule an appointment you will meet with a consultant for up to 50 minutes, and the consultant will assist you through whatever part of the process you are currently working on (e.g., topic selection, research possibilities, organizing ideas, outlining, delivery, PowerPoint, and articulation).  The Speaking Center also has practice rooms equipped with visual-aid displays, laptops, and video cameras.  If you prefer to practice alone, you may schedule a room for private practice. 




Journal Articles

Choosing Research Materials


Reserve Materials 

Cook Library (HBG)

Gulf Coast Libraries (GC)

The librarians at Cook Library in Hattiesburg, the Gulf Coast Library in Long Beach, and Gunter Library in Oceans Springs are happy to help you find the resources you need. If your instructor has put materials on reserve in the library, you can search for them here. If you're unfamiliar with our libraries, check out the Library FAQs. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can email a research librarian who can help you locate materials, or set up a research consultation with a librarian for larger projects.


New Student and Retention Programs (Academic Coaching)

Academic Coaching for First-Year Students


MCL 214

McLemore Hall 214


NSRP's Academic Coaching program offers students one-on-one support with a success coach and peer mentor. You'll meet with your success coach four times throughout the semester to help you improve your time management skills, study strategies, and knowledge of campus resources. 

Meetings are personalized to your individual needs and focus on motivating you towards a successful academic experience at Southern Miss.  


Math Zone/Math Tutoring Center

Math Tutoring Center

The Math Zone

Math Tutoring Center
Southern Hall 318 

The Math Zone is located across from Cook Library and offers tutoring for MAT 99 and MAT 101 weekdays from 8 am - 5 pm. No appointment necessary.

The Math Tutoring Center is located in Southern Hall 318 and offers free tutoring for all other math courses, including algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. They are open Monday - Thursday from 1-5. No appointment necessary.

Gulf Coast students may obtain assistance from the Gulf Coast Academic Success Center.



History Lab

Help with HIS 101/102
Research Papers

Exam Prep

Book Reviews 

History Lab (HGB)

LAB 458 (inside main History Department office)

Make an Appointment


The History Lab is a resource provided by the History Department to assist undergraduate students taking HIS 101 World Civilizations I and HIS 102 World Civilizations II.  The Lab is paid for by student fees.  All lab consultants are advanced history graduate students who have experience with History 101 and 102 courses, and their content and assignments.  The History Lab offers help with note-taking, study skills, exam preparation, and structuring exam answers. Additionally, lab consultants facilitate historical writing skills, including idea formation, outlining, citations and documentation, document comprehension, creating an argument, and many other skills.

Gulf Coast students may obtain assistance for HIS 101 World Civilization I and HIS 102 World Civilization II from the Gulf Coast Academic Success Center.



Gulf Coast Academic Success Center



Gulf Coast Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center is an integrated learning center that provides learning assistance, tutoring and resources in the areas of mathematics, science, writing and speaking, and language arts. 


Biological Sciences Learning Center

Biology Tutoring:

BSC 103, 107,110, and 111, 380, 381 (WSB 107)

BSC 250, 251 (WSB 224)

Tutoring for other Biology classes on request

Biological Sciences Student Resources

Walker Science Building  

The Department of Biological Sciences offers tutorial assistance to students enrolled in a variety of biology classes through the Biological Sciences Learning Center. For hours, or to request tutoring in a biology class not listed, please visit the Biological Sciences Student Resources webpage.

Gulf Coast students may obtain assistance from the Gulf Coast Academic Success Center.



Chemistry Tutorial Center

Chemistry Tutoring

Chemistry Tutorial Center

Walker Science Building 228

The chemistry tutorial center is in Room 238 of Walker Science Building. A small cluster of computers connected to the internet are available for all chemistry students to use.

Gulf Coast students may obtain assistance from Gulf Coast Academic Success Center



Foreign Language Tutoring

Foreign Language Tutoring:


Foreign Languages Multimedia Center

Liberal Arts Building 110

Outside of class, language learning is supported by a state-of-the-art multimedia center in LAB 110, where you can stop in throughout the day for free language tutoring in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Latin, and Spanish, computer access for online practice, or simply to relax in the colorful, comfortable lounge area while watching foreign language satellite TV or reading a popular magazine. Typically, tutors are language majors in their senior year.

This student-friendly center is also the gathering place for many extracurricular activities sponsored by the Spanish and French Clubs: foreign language movie nights, cultural celebrations, study group meetings, and Spanish and French conversation roundtables.

Gulf Coast students may obtain assistance in Spanish from the Language tutor in the Gulf Coast Academic Success Center


Business Tutoring/Gulf Coast BASE Center

Business Tutoring:

BA 201

Business Writing
Business Speaking 


College of Business

Scianna Hall


Tutoring Schedules, Hattiesburg and Gulf Park

Courses, at any level, can be tough! The College of Business wants to ensure that students have the best chance at succeeding in the most challenging courses taught in the College of Business, which include accounting, finance, and managerial statistics.  Please schedule some time to see one of our tutors in our tutoring centers.

Statistics Tutoring Center

PSY 360 (Statistics for Behavioral Sciences) Tutoring

Statistics Tutoring Center

Owings-McQuagge Hall 134

The Statistics Learning Center is a free, walk-in, peer tutoring center organized by the Psychology Department. All of its undergraduate tutors have successfully completed PSY 360 and are trained to use their own experience to assist students in improving their class performance.

Some of the services provided include:

· Offering additional/alternative explanations of concepts
· Test preparation
· Homework checks / walkthroughs of similar problems
· Practice problems
· Statistic study skills
· Assessments

Construction Tutoring

Construction Engineering Technology Tutoring

Architecture Engineering Technology 

School of Construction 

Bobby Chain Technology Building 233


The School of Construction has a number of tutors eager to help students succeed. They are all skilled in the art of Blackboard, so they are available to help online students as well. For days and times, please call the department office at 601.266.4895



Physics Tutoring

Physics Tutoring

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Bobby Chain Technology Building 114


The Department of Physics and Astronomy has a variety of tutoring sessions throughout the day to accommodate busy schedules. Please call the department office at 601.266.4934 for days and times.


Kinesiology Tutoring

KIN 301
KIN 308
KIN 423 

ASK Tutoring Center (HBG)

KIN 101E


The Academic Skills in Kinesiology Center (ASK) offers tutoring for KIN 301: Kinesiology, KIN 308: Exercise Physiology and KIN 423: Biomechanics.

Tutoring is available by appointment only. Call 601.266.5358 to schedule an appointment.

This service is free of charge to KIN students.

Anthropology Tutoring

ANT 101

Depatment of Anthropology & Sociology

LAB 428


Tutoring is available  for Anthropology 101. Please call the department office at 601.266.4306 for hours.



Geology Tutoring

GLY 101, 101L
GLY 103,  103L

Department of Geography & Geology 

Walker Science Building 127


The Department of Geography & Geology offers tutoring by department graduate students. Hours vary from semester to semester, so please call the department office at 601.266.4729 for more information. 

Other Tutoring

Tutoring for a Class Not Listed Here

Tutoring Request Form

Can't find tutoring for a class you need help with? Fill out New Student and Retention Programs' Tutoring Request Form and the staff will contact you to put you in touch with an appropriate on-campus tutor.