Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

What Students Need to Know

The Office of the Provost has a webpage which explains what students need to know about Academic Integrity at Southern Miss, and includes links to an online training module, FAQs, and a video explaining how to avoid academic misconduct.

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Academic Integrity Policy

Academic misconduct involves deception to improve a grade, earn course credit, or complete a degree. It includes cheating, plagiarism, inappropriate acquisition or provision of information, conspiracy to cheat or plagiarize, lying about academic work, stealing academic materials, and unapproved multiple submissions of assignments.

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Academic Integrity Workshops

University Libraries is offering students a series of workshops focusing on the University’s academic integrity policy and academic integrity in general. You will learn about how important integrity is to a university community, the Southern Miss definition of academic misconduct—and the consequences for it, plagiarism as a form of academic misconduct, and proper citation practices.

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