CampusConnect for Faculty & Staff

Campus ConnectCampusConnect is a tool used to enhance student success and create a more connected campus community. At this time, the University is piloting the system with a select group of students, faculty, and staff, and will fully implement the software beginning Spring 2018.

Those who are currently a part of the pilot group may view tutorials below.

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Setting up Your CampusConnect Profile 

Your profile lets students know who you are, how to contact you, and to put a face to your name.  In addition, you can select whether you will allow students to make appointments with you via CampusConnect and you can designate a calendar manager to manage appointments on your behalf.

Making and Documenting Appointments with Students 

CampusConnect allows you students to make appointments with you (if enabled) and it allows you to make appointments with students based on their availability.

Creating a Note on a Student’s Folder 

Notes (public or private) allow faculty and staff to document various interactions they have had with students.

Message a Student From CampusConnect 

Like emailing students from SOAR, the message originates in Campus Connect and is delivered to the student’s campus email address. If they respond, it will be delivered to your campus email address. Campus Connect does not have an Inbox system.

Designating Calendar Managers (coming soon!)

Calendar managers are those members who schedule appointments on your behalf.  Learn how to designate a calendar manager and what they see when they log into CampusConnect.

Raising a Flag on One of Your Students

When you have an academic concern about a student, raise a flag to communicate your observations. The appropriate individuals will be automatically notified when you save the item.

How to Batch-Raise a Flag/Kudo, Batch-Send a Message, and Batch-Note 

Just as you can raise a flag/kudo, send a message, and make a note about an individual student, you can also do any of these functions in batch. NOTE: This process will send the same flag/kudo/message or make the same note to each of the students selected.

Kiosk and Waiting Rooms 

Sign-in kiosks allow participating offices to track the volume of students who visit that service, and waiting rooms give students the ability to see how many students are currently checked in, waiting to be seen for an appointment. 

Modifying or Cancelling Appointments and Office Hours

CampusConnect makes modifying or cancelling office hours and appointments easy! Always remember to properly document any appointment cancellations.

Online Waiting Rooms

These campus offices have waiting rooms set up where students are able to see how many students are currently waiting to be seen (may also include walk-in students if the office has that feature enabled):

     • College of Business Academic Services
     • Honors College