GPA Requirements & Academic Standing

Good Academic Standing

You will be in good academic standing at Southern Miss as long you maintain the cumulative GPA indicated in the following scale. Please be aware that some academic programs may require you to maintain a higher GPA than the ones outlined below in order to make reasonable progress toward graduation in that degree program.

  • 0-14 hours attempted (including transfer credit): 1.5 GPA
  • 15-29 hours attempted (including transfer credit): 1.75 GPA
  • 30 hours and above attempted (including transfer credit): 2.0 GPA

Academic Probation

The first time that your GPA falls below the minimum required, you will be placed on academic probation.  Academic probation is a serious matter, and you should take all possible steps toward academic improvement.  Students placed on academic probation are in jeopardy of losing scholarships and possibly financial aid as well.  If you receive notification that you are on probation, you should go to talk with your advisor about strategies to improve your grades, whether that is taking fewer courses, making better use of campus resources, cutting back on your work hours, or making other changes.

Academic Probation Continued

The second consecutive semester that your grade point average is below the minimum required, you will be placed on academic probation continued, which will put a hold on your account preventing you from enrolling in classes. You will need to be advised by your department and sign a probation-continued contract detailing your plans to improve your GPA in upcoming semesters. Once the signed contract has been filed, the hold will be removed from your account. 

Academic Suspension

The first time that you fail all courses while enrolled full-time or the third consecutive time that you fail to earn the minimum required GPA, you will be placed on academic suspension. When this happens, you are not allowed to attend the university for one semester and if you have registered for courses for the upcoming semester, those classes will be dropped. You may, however, appeal this suspension. You must contact your academic department to begin the appeal process, and should you be allowed to continue, you will be required to earn the GPA specified on your contract for the upcoming semester.

GPA Calculator

You can use the Registrar's Office's GPA Calculator to estimate the grades you will need to earn in upcoming semesters to bring your GPA up to the required minimum.