Personal Matters

College is a wonderful thing: a time of making new friends, learning more than you ever thought possible, and seeing the opportunities you have in this world multiply day by day. But it can be overwhelming, too, particularly for students who are away from home for the first time. College is a lot different from high school, with new rules and different expectations, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up.

Fortunately, there are a lot of people at Southern Miss who are dedicated to helping students succeed. Here are some common problems students have, and what we can do to help.


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Where to Go

What to Expect

Counseling Services



Eating Disorders


Substance Abuse

Student Counseling Services

Bond Hall East


Make an Appointment

Student Counseling Services at Southern Miss offers students up to six free, confidential appointments per semester, where you'll have a chance to talk to someone with lots of experience dealing with the types of issues students face, both academic and personal. Counselors can help with not only with depression and anxiety, but will also talk with you about family problems, motivation and time management, homesickness, alcohol and drug problems, eating disorders, discrimination and anything else that's bothering you.


Disability Accommodations




Learning Issues

Test Anxiety 

Temporary Injury 

Request Related to Pregnancy/Childbirth

Office for Disability

Bond Hall 114


Register with ODA

Southern Miss is committed to providing equal access for students with disabilities. When you register with ODA, you will fill out several forms and provide the office with documentation about your disability. Then you'll meet with a counselor who will discuss with you the kind of accommodations you need to be successful. Your counselor will provide you with information to take to your professors. 

Gulf Coast students may reach the Office for Disability Accommodations at (228) 214-3232.


Concern for Another Student

Concern for Another Student  

Mental Health or Behavior Issues

Campus Action Referral Evaluation System (CARES)

File a Report 

If you see another student in trouble, Southern Miss wants to know so we can reach out to the student and offer support. The Campus Action Referral Evaluation System (CARES) allows you to submit a confidential report to our professionals all over campus who can help the student find and use the resources we offer to help people in trouble.

File a report if a student you know is struggling with depression, alcohol or drug abuse, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts or actions, mental health issues or unusual behavior that might indicate a problem. We can only help if we know there's a problem.


Health Services


STD Testing 

Birth Control

Quitting Smoking




Allergy Shots

Pregnancy Tests 

Health Services

Moffitt Health Center

Scott Hall (Century Park South)


Make an Appointment

Health Center, Gulf Park


All Southern Miss students are eligible to receive health care at the Moffit Health Center on campus. There is a $15.00 co-pay per visit, and there will be additional charges for tests, treatments, and medications. All charges can be charged to your student account. Bring your student ID and insurance information with you to the clinic when you go for your appointment.

Gulf Coast students can visit the Health Center on the Gulf Park campus on Tuesdays from 10 1.m. - 6 p.m.


Emergency Health Services

Health Emergencies

Hattiesburg Clinic 
5909 US Highway 49

Forrest General Hospital 
6051 U.S. Highway 49

Wesley Medical Center
5001 Hardy St.

Memorial Hospital at Gulfport
4500 13th Street 228.867.4000 


If you need to see a doctor outside of the campus health clinic's hours or you need immediate attention, visit one of Hattiesburg's immediate care centers, such as the Hattiesburg Clinic.

If you have an emergency, call 911 for an ambulance, or visit one of Hattiesburg's emergency care centers in Forrest General Hospital or Wesley Medical Center. 

On the Gulf Coast the emergency care center closest to the Gulf Park campus is at Memorial Hospital at Gulfport.


Sexual Harassment or Assault

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Assault


Unwanted Advances from a Student or University Employee

Student Counseling Services
KWH 200

Health Services
601.266.5390Scott Hall (Century Park South)

University Police
Bond Hall, Ground Floor

Health Center at the Gulf Park Campus

University Police Gulf Coast Division


You have a right to pursue your education in an environment free from sexual harassment.

If you have experienced sexual harassment or assault, tell someone. You can talk to a faculty or staff member you know, or you can talk to someone at the Student Counseling Center. The most important thing is for you to tell someone what has happened so we can help. Southern Miss takes issues of sexual harassment and sexual assault extremely seriously, and university employees have a legal duty to report any instances of misconduct so that we can keep our campus safe.

If you have witnessed or heard about an incident of sexual harassment or assault on campus, you should file a report so that the university can investigate. Note that you may file your report anonymously if you choose.




University Police

Stolen Property





University Police (HBG)

Bond Hall, Ground Floor


University Police (GC)



We work hard at Southern Miss to keep our campus safe for all students and employees. If you have been the victim of a crime or someone has been making you feel unsafe, file a report as soon as possible with the Southern Miss Police Department.


LGBTQ Resources

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, or Questioning 


Southern Miss PRISM LGBTQ+ Resource Office


Southern Miss Gay Straight Alliance (HBG)

Alliance for Equality (GC)


Discrimination based on sexual preference is not tolerated at The University of Southern Mississippi, so you should expect to be treated with respect by all members of the Southern Miss community. In addition, you will see rainbow Allies signs outside office doors all over campus, signifying that the person in the office has volunteered for special training in LGBTQ issues and is committed to being supportive, respectful, and affirming to all members of the USM LGBTQ community.

We encourage you to join the Southern Miss Gay Straight Alliance, whose mission is "to provide a supportive, safe social setting for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender persons and their friends and supporters, as well as any other interested parties recognizing sexual and gender diversity on the Southern Miss campus." All are welcome to attend meetings. Student Counseling Services also provides counseling services to current students for a variety of issues including those particular to the LGBTQ community.

And don't forget to visit our new Prism & LGTBQ Resource Office located in the Hub!

Gulf Coast students are encouraged to join the Alliance for Equality

Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity


Office of Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity 

McLemore 310


Southern Miss strictly prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, gender identity, genetic information, religion, race, color, national origin or veteran status by any university employee. If you believe you've been the victim of discrimination, you should file a complaint form with the Office of Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity. Complaint forms are available in the AA/EEO office,  McLemore 310 on the Hattiesburg campus.


Difficulties with a Professor

Difficulty with a Professor

Find Your Department

  • College of Arts & Letters

  • College of Business

  • College of Education and Psychology

  • College of Health

  • College of Nursing

  • College of Science and Technology

  • Gulf Coast Colleges


If you are having difficulties with a professor, you should start by talking with that professor about your concerns. If you are unable to talk to the professor about it, you can email the Chair or director of that professor’s department to set up a time to talk about your situation. You can find this information on the web by first locating the department and then identifying the director/Chair and finding his/her email address. If you have any supporting materials (emails, graded papers, etc.), you should attach those to the email you send so that the Chair will have time to review them before your appointment. Be sure your email is clear and professional. Issues with faculty are almost always best resolved at the department level, but if you feel you are not able to resolve things with the department Chair, you may contact your college Dean.


Failing a Class

Failing a Class

Find your Professor 

Academic Help

A&L's Study Skills Tutorial


If you are having trouble academically, step one is always to go see your professors during their office hours to talk about your grades. (Check your syllabus for your professor's office hours, or look up your professor here if you want to send an email.) Southern Miss also has lots of resources at your disposal. The Writing Center can help with papers, from helping you form an idea for your paper all the way to teaching you effective ways to proofread your own work. The Speaking Center can help you overcome your fears of speaking in class, and can teach you to communicate more effectively with your professor and your peers. On the Gulf Coast, the Academic Success Center offers many resources to help students. Your success is the university's success, and we're here to help.


Early Childhood Education and Care Services  

Early Childhood Education                    

Child Day Care Services

Center for Child Development (HBG)
3400 Morningside Drive 

Center for Child Development, Gulf Coast 
205 Leovy Ave., Pass Christian  



The Department of Child and Family Studies in the College of Education and Psychology operates early childhood education and care centers on the Hattiesburg Campus and in Pass Christian on the Gulf Coast. Their services are for children ages 8 weeks to 5 years old, and are available to the general public. Contact the centers directly for details and cost of care. 


Community Counseling and Assessment Clinic 

Anxiety and Stress

Depression and Grief

Relationship and Family Issues

Academic/Career Success

Anger Management


Alcohol Use


Community Counseling and Assessment Clinic

Owings-McQuagge Hall 213


The Community Counseling and Assessment Clinic helps students, faculty, staff, and adults and adolescents (16+) in the Hattiesburg community with personal, academic, and career issues. While some clients are receiving help for emotional problems, many others find counseling a useful way to bounce ideas off a good listener, improve academic skills, or receive support through a difficult transition. 

In addition to counseling, the clinic provides psychological evaluations to assist in the diagnosis of mental health and substance-related problems, help clients gain insight into how their behavior affects others, and determine whether academic accommodations are warranted (e.g., adult ADHD evaluations).


Psychology Clinic

Anxiety Disorders

Mood Disorders

Personality Disorders

Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Disorders of Childhood (e.g. Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder)

Psychology Clinic 

Owings-McQuagge Hall 210




The Southern Miss Psychology Clinic provides a wide range of high quality assessment, therapy and consultation services at low cost to both students and members of the Hattiesburg community. They provide therapeutic interventions for various psychological disorders, group services addressing specific needs or disorders, and learning disability/ADHD assessments to determine and recommend necessary accommodations. To learn more, please visit the Psychology Clinic website.

If you are interested in the psychology clinic's services, the first step is to call 601.266.4588 for a free phone screening to determine if the Clinic is suitable to your needs and, if so, what your fee for services will be.



Campus Safety

Emergency Info

Eagle Alert

Escort Service

Code Blue Emergency Telephone Map (HBG)



Safety Website


Learn about all the things our university police force do to keep our camps safe and notified in case of an emergency at our safety website. Remember that Code Blue emergency telephones are located all over campus, and that the university police will provide an escort service 24-hours a day if you ever feel unsafe walking around campus.


Filing a Grievance

Academic Status


Student Organizations - Judicial Decision Appeal Procedure

Discrimination or Harassment

FERPA (Privacy Act)

Financial Aid Suspension

Grade Appeal

Parking Ticket or Traffic Citation

Residence Life Housing Contract

Scholarship Cancellation

Student Code of Conduct Violation 

Tuition Refund Appeal



Student Grievance and Appeal ProceduresThe easiest way to settle a grievance is at the department level, by talking to your instructor, the department chair, a financial aid counsellor, etc.  If you are unable to work things things out with the department, you have a right to file a written appeal with the University. For more information on how to file an appeal, please visit the Student Grievance and Appeal Procedures page.




Notice of Absence


Students' Rights

Absences related to pregnancy and childbirth

Ombudsman Services


R.C. Cook Union 221


Even when you do your best not to miss classes, sometimes circumstances beyond your control arise—you get sick, have an accident, need to take care of a family emergency, etc. Ombudsman Services can authenticate your absences based on submitted documentation. 

If the documentation is authenticated, Ombudsman Services will notify both you and your instructor. At his/her discretion, your instructor will make the final decision regarding the Notice of Absence.

Ombudsman Services can also inform you of your rights and help you should you need to file an appeal. For more information, please visit the Ombudsman Services website.