Preparing for Move-In

To ensure that you have a smooth and happy move-in experience, we recommend that you

  • Label your belongings with your name, residence hall, and room number.  This will help the Move-In Day volunteers make sure that your belongings get to the right place.  And if you haven’t already done so, familiarize yourself with the things that Residence Life recommends that you should and shouldn’t bring with you to campus.
  • If you have a dolly that you could easily bring with you to campus, it’s a good idea to bring it with you (be sure it's labeled with your name).  However, you’re not required to bring a dolly.
  • Be prepared to move quickly through a drop-off line.  Staff from Parking Management and University Police will have an established traffic flow for each residential area of campus.  You will be directed to a traffic line and then instructed on when and where to unload your belongings.  Once you’ve unloaded your vehicle, it will need to be parked in a different location.
  • Dress comfortably for hot weather, and check the weather forecast for Hattiesburg ahead of your arrival.  Summertime weather in south Mississippi can be unpredictable, so have a plan in case it rains.